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Salamanca "La Grande Battle" - 22 July 1812

Historical Background
Following the capture of Badajoz and Ciudad Rodrigo, Wellington advanced into Spain where Marshal Marmont’s Army of Portugal awaited him. The two armies sparred for position, each looking to catch the other at a disadvantage. When Marmont threatened the British supply lines, Wellington began a retreat, but still looked for an opportunity. On July 22nd, Marmont found a British force in plain view on a ridge and great clouds beyond the hills to the south. Thinking this was just a rearguard, Marmont made a fatal mistake. He extended his army to try and flank the defenders and catch up to what he thought was Wellington’s fleeing main body. It turned out the “rear guard” was the left flank of Wellington’s army (the clouds were from the baggage train) and Marmont’s army became badly strung out and vulnerable before the hidden allied main body. Wellington gave a “whoop” of delight and set several combined arms counterattacks in motion, starting with an attack by his brother-in-law, Edward Packenham’s 3rd Division against Thomiere’s lead division. Still in march order, Thomiere’s troops were quickly routed. Two additional British divisions joined the attack and the two remaining left flank French divisions also retired in disorder. With Marmont wounded, command fell to General Clausel, who organized a truly effective combined arms attack that shattered Cole’s British Division. British reserves, however, were close at hand and soon Clausel’s forces were also in retreat.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Forest 11
Hill 36
River 14
RiverBend 8
RiverBendBridge 1
RiverBridge 1
Town 4
Church 1


Battle Notes

British Army
• Commander: Wellesley
• 6 Command Cards
• Move First

Allies Corps Commanders
  Right Center Left
Command 2 3 2
Tactician 3 3 3
Line Infantry Light Infantry Heavy Cavalry Foot Artillery Horse Artillery Leader   Line Infantry Light Infantry Light Cavalry Leader
13 2 2 3 2 2 2 1 5   2 1 2 2 1

French Army
• Commander: Marmont and Clausel
• 6 Command Cards

French Corps Commanders
  Right Center Left
Command 3 3 3
Tactician 3 4 3
Line Infantry Light Infantry Light Cavalry Foot Artillery General
16 3 6 4 4


15 Banners

Special Rules
The Azan River is impassable except at the bridge.

The Pela Gracia River is fordable in all hexes. In addition, a unit or leader’s movement is not stopped when moving onto a river hex.

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Bayernkini replied the topic:
7 years 9 months ago
The new epic formats are different, so i have to consider, in which format i adapt it.

Because of rules, i prefer the epic (20x11) style, but the LGB size (26x11) would be easier to do, because there must be added only a edge row on each side.
So i will see, in which format i revise all my epic scenarios finally....
Mark-McG replied the topic:
7 years 9 months ago
looks good, though I wonder if the original should be left as is, and a new MD01LGB scenario page be created.

The Plays for instance are misleading.

Should Marmont have 5 Command?
Bayernkini replied the topic:
7 years 9 months ago
Revised the first of my old epic scenarios to the new "La Grande Battle" style and rules.
Have fun ;)
Bayernkini replied the topic:
10 years 8 months ago
Download and try my "Epic game module" from the download section here,
then you see my selfmade cards :)
And yes, we use 140 selfmade/modified cards together :)
bartok replied the topic:
10 years 8 months ago

Bayernkini wrote: And we play also with 2 card decks (and we use special selfmade epic cards like in CCAncient).

one card deck for each side or 2 card decks all together + special selfmade epic= 70+70+selfmade) or another combination?
Can you explain me or put a list of cards, or a link to a pdf to print them.

Because i dont play via vassal is good to know how you play this way and do the same on the board.

-Elan card is not in Modified Tactic Cards, is allright?
Bayernkini replied the topic:
10 years 8 months ago
Because the epic board is doubled, we allow also the double numbers of squares (8),
but i my epic games, we had no more than 6 squares at once in one game :)

And we play also with 2 card decks (and we use special selfmade epic cards like in CCAncient).
bartok replied the topic:
10 years 8 months ago
hi, i just played yesterday my first epic napoleonics, live in the board, not by vassal. What a game¡¡¡ 12-11 for british.

One think thats dislike me is the No limit of ELAN cards. Issue an order to 12 units is so much for the british side, when another turns you play Recon in Force. My Elan in the french side only gets 6 units (8 dies), because of the 2 o 3 infantry square and play 3 cards in a couple of turns.

How many squares you permit? 4 or more.
We played with only 70 COMMANDS CARDS (one copy of Basic)
Bayernkini replied the topic:
13 years 4 months ago
Well, because Chris did the cards now similar CCA epic,
i modified the rules, so it works now similar CCA epic also

Here the actual changes:

1. Play 1-3 section cards OR one Army card
2. Each section may get only a section card.
3. If a section card allows to order units in different section, the cards counts
then as 2 (FlankAttack) or 3 played cards (CoordinatedAttack).

4. After turn, you may draw 2 cards (observe hand limit)

5. If you play at least one Scout card, you may draw 3 cards and keep 2 (observe limit of hands)

6. Inspired Field General Play: The CiC may give one FG exact 2 same section cards of these cards in one section: Scout, Probe, Attack. That counts as 2 played cards, and he may still play another section card in another section.

7. If section cards (or a double action card is played as field) are played, field commanders, which get no card, are allowed to make a INI roll.
If CiC play a Army card, the FG are not allowed, to make INI rolls

Modified Tactic Cards:

First Strike: Player battles with FS with +1 dice
Assault: up to 6 units in section
Force March: up to 6 units in section