201 Czarnowo (23 December 1806)

6 years 9 months ago #4898 by Kramaric
I lost the battle as Russians with 7:6. My French opponent opened the battle with the attack on my right by was defeated with heavy casualties including a general. French attempt on the opposite flank also failed, but in the centre Russian light infantry was mostly removed from the ridge. At some point of the battle Russians held a 6:1 lead in flags but could not finish the opposition. French renewed drive in the centre steadily destroyed Russian light infantry. Russian attempt to destroy French infantry in the woods with cavalry was not entirely successful. French fled and in the next move destroyed the defenders of the works in the centre gaining last two flags because they managed to kill the general as well.

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3 years 5 months ago #6873 by LARS
French win a Pyrrhic victory 7-6. The central hills changed hands twice, Friant finally overwhelming the Russian center but with severe casualties.

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3 years 5 months ago #6878 by Hexagoon
Played this 3 times, with one Russian victory vs 2 French. One memorable game where the French patiently amassed an attack force on their left which was smashed by an unexpected Bayonet Attack before it could be launched. Impressive Russian dice eliminated three units completely in one attack. As a result the French were obliged to move the survivors into the center with Grand Manoeuvre, and the battle was won there. A well balanced scenario well worth a few plays.

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3 years 4 months ago #6990 by NightOwl3
This was a fun scenario for sure. I would absolutely play it again. I think it is fairly open to try different strategies in this one, though the four-card limit does hurt the Russians. My first objective was to deny Judd the town, and make sure I got the banner for holding it. However, my first tactical mistake of the day was not going into square. It cost me dearly. I had a “hold and fire” card and was afraid that I would lose that card in square. I should have taken the risk. I ended up losing units there I did not need to. I did get to use the “hold and fire” card, but did not have any devastating rolls against Judd. Several good rolls would have blunted his bayonet charge. But it was not to be. Losing the center hill was a backbreaker. I later recovered a bit with the cavalry charge, but could not flip the momentum. The second tactical mistake was not taking the flag with the light unit into the forest. When Judd attacked the next turn I also lost the leader with him. I allowed the situation to maximize damage. I am not saying that without the tactical mistakes I would have won, but it would have been a much closer game. Good job Judd. French win 7-4.

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1 year 11 months ago #7865 by Pevans
Having completed the base game scenarios, Evert and I decided to skip the Spanish and move on to the Russians. And this is Russian scenario number 1 - Evert taking the French first. The Mother Russia roll let me make a couple of Line infantry up to 4 blocks (yes, two no-effect sabres in 4 dice).

The first move of the French army was to engage the Russians with their artillery, while the Light infantry on their right advanced on Czarnowo, driving out the Russian Line holding the town.

The Russians returned the artillery fire, developing their right flank under General Mazovskoi even as the cannons damaged the French troops opposite. Meanwhile, the French consolidated their hold on Czarnowo. {And gained the banner for holding the majority of the town, so the score is 0:1.}

Goaded by the fire, General Petit moved French forces forward on the left, but the Russians pounced, Line and Grenadier units combining to take out a French Line infantry, the artillery firing over their heads at Petit's men on the lower bridge over the Narew. {And that's 1:1.}

Exchanges of fire continued on both flanks, the French Light Infantry in Czarnowo finishing off the Russian Line they'd driven out. {1:2} Then the Russian infantry charged. The Grenadiers on the Russian right obliterated the French Line under Petit and took the bridge, the General retreating. {2:2} On the Russian left, two Line and a Grenadier attacked Czarnowo, eliminating one lot of French Light infantry and taking back half the town. {That's 3:2 and 3:1 when the French lose the banner for the town - that was a useful "Bayonet Charge".}

Some French Light cavalry rocked up outside Czarnowo, forcing the Russian Grenadiers into square - they were then finished off by fire from French Line infantry. {3:2} Generals Petit and Friant led fresh French infantry towards the bridge now held by the Russian Grenadiers and forced them to retreat. Continuing to press forward, the Generals' troops eliminated the Grenadiers with a couple more volleys. {3:3}

Supported by musket fire from the Russian Light infantry in the centre, General Mazovskoi led Line infantry to engage the French Generals. One French Line was eliminated, Gen Friant escaping, but Gen Petit's soldiers fought back and destroyed a Russian Line, taking down Mazovskoi as well. {4:5}

The remaining Russian infantry retreated, still under fire from Gen Petit's fresh unit on the bridge. The Russian artillery shelled Gen Petit while, on the other flank, Russian Line put a volley into the French Light cavalry as General Pahlen brought up the Russian Cuirassiers to threaten the French cavalry.

The French Light cavalry attacked the infantry shooting at them, who chose to stand their ground. The footsloggers took heavy casualties, but wiped out the cavalry. {5:5 with Evert's "Elan" card not working out well for him.}

The demise of their cavalry gave the French Line a clear shot at the mangled Russian Line and finished them off. {5:6}

On the French left, Gen Petit's men had advanced from the bridge, only to come under concerted fire from the Russian artillery on the hills in front of them and the Light infantry in the centre. After several volleys, there was nothing left of the French infantry. Nor of Gen Petit. {7:6 and a close win for the Russians.}

Phew! That was another hard fight, with the action almost entirely on the flanks (clearly neither of us had Centre cards). The Russians were tougher than I expected (what with all those three-block infantry units) - being able to ignore a flag is useful. Plus I used my Grenadier and full-strength infantry to lead the action. After their early success in Czarnowo, the French didn't seem to be able to attack in any strength. I'll have to see what I can do when I take command of the French next.


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1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #7871 by Pevans
Time for the re-match between Evert and me and my turn to be French. Evert's Mother Russia roll let him boost a couple of infantry units, so the Line holding Czarnowo and the one next to his right flank artillery went to full strength.

And battle is joined! Well, almost, as the French develop their centre and the Russians their right. And then both respond to their opponent's moves. Some desultory artillery fire has no effect. {But the score is 0:1 as the Russians hold Czarnowo.}

The French infantry under Generals Gudin and Petit on the left paddle across the Wkra and open up on the Russian Line infantry. The full-strength unit takes the brunt of this and what's left retires out of range. Russian Grenadiers move up in support of the other Russian Line and together they completely demolish the closest French Line, Gen Gudin falling with his soldiers. {Suddenly it's 0:3}

As the French left falls back, the Russian left advances. In response, the French right moves fast, with Line infantry moving into Czarnowo. {A "Grande Manoeuvre" lets me put a unit in Czarnowo, depriving the Russians of that banner: 0:2.}

Russian Grenadiers promptly blow away the French in Czarnowo, while Light infantry advances in the centre and the right flank artillery damages the French Line opposite. {A very useful "Elan" for Evert, taking the score to 0:3. But he's vacated the field works in the centre, giving the French a banner, but then gets back the one for the town: 1:4.}

The French Light cavalry pounces, attacking the Grenadiers. They stand their ground initially, but then form square as the horsemen inflict casualties and force them back. In the centre, concerted fire from the French Light infantry and artillery batters two of the Russian Lights, one of which retreats. {My "Counter-attack" wasn't as successful.)

Double-shotted artillery fire from the Russians inflicts casualties on the battered French Line (Russian right), which hides in a patch of woodland, and, on the left, drives back the French cavalry with casualties. (Evert played "Bombard".}

The French press their advantage against the Russian Light infantry in the centre, taking out the unit under General Lieven (who escapes to the unit battered earlier) and pushing the advanced one back into the fieldworks. {A banner for me, but I lose the one for the empty fieldworks, so it's still 1:4.}

Exchanges of fire on the (French) right see the Russians in Czarnowo force what's left of the French cavalry to retire. While the French musketry persuades Gen Lieven to move further back and eliminates the Cossacks who've been prancing about. {No banners for Cossacks, though.}

The French infantry on their left (with Generals Friant and Petit) double-times across the battlefield to engage the Russian Light infantry holding the fieldworks on the central hills. {"Force March" from me.} The Russians fall back in the centre and the French continue to advance. Musket volleys finish off two badly mauled Russian Light infantry, Gen Lieven falling with his men. {An "Assault Centre" and suddenly it's 4:4, then 5:4 when the French get the banner for the empty fieldworks again.}

However, the French advance puts a Light infantry in range of the Russian Cuirassiers, who seize their opportunity. A hastily-formed square holds off the heavy cavalry, but then takes a pounding from the Russian artillery on (their) left. In the centre, Russian infantry counter-attacks round the hills with artillery support and batters the troops under Gen Petit. The General's men give as good as they get though. Not so the artillery on the left end of the French forces. Russian Grenadiers storm across the stream, up the hill and round the side of the fieldworks to eliminate them. {A very useful "Forward" lets Evert attack across the board and a lucky die-roll gets the artillery, 5:5.}

The French infantry continues to advance in the centre, Gen Friant leading Line infantry into the fieldworks on the hills and finishing off the Russian Light infantry savaged by Gen Petit's men. {A second "Assault Centre" to make it 6:5.}

Cannon and musket fire from the Russian left demolish the French Lights in square. {6:6}

The French infantry rolls over the central hills, another battered Russian infantry unit just surviving volleys from Gen Friant's men while a combined arms attack forces the dangerous Cuirassiers to retire.

The Cuirassiers are still in range, though, and rally to attack Gen Friant's advanced Line infantry. Their square is solid, however, and hurts the Cuirassiers. Gen Sukin leads Grenadiers and Line infantry on the Russian left to engage their battered French counterparts, but the French are able to retreat, despite taking casualties. {"Rally" gave Evert full-strength Cuirassiers again and two partly-recovered infantry. A retreat flag on his first infantry attack left the Grenadiers unable to kill off the target French unit.}

With Gen Sukin's Grenadiers close to the French artillery, a combined arms attack from the guns and a French Line unit is too powerful for them to survive. {7:6}

Phew! Another close game that could have gone either way in the last few turns. The final positions show both wings of the French army battered, but their centre is strong and now occupies the central line of hills - there's just that Russian cavalry to worry about. The one-block French units (four of them) are mostly out of harm's way, but part of my success was being able to finish off the damaged Russian units. I'm impressed with the Russians, though: despite their under-strength infantry, the ability to ignore a flag makes them tough. I'm also impressed with this scenario - two very close games.

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1 year 3 months ago #8083 by notanotanota
Whilst the French easily enveloped and overwhelmed the left flank (looking from the french side) the russians counterattacked in the right flanked and quickly swarmed the french forces (due to bad draw of the cards from the french side!). The Russians luckily achieved the victory condition of 7 flags by destroying the units of the right flank and some of the center winning 7-5. Great battle if you want to experience being the underdog!

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8 months 2 weeks ago #10200 by Riclev
At first sight, the French look unstoppable. In our first game, an early bayonet charge eliminated the four Russian light units in the centre, killed the leader and captured the fieldworks hex. The Russian hand consisted of section commands on the right of the battlefield, so they were unable to respond effectively and it was all over after six card plays: 7-3.

The return was more interesting. This time, the Russians attacked on their left, sweeping all before them. A half-hearted French assault in the centre was repulsed, and the Russian victory was assured by a cavalry charge followed by a bayonet charge. The French right evaporated for a 7-2 Russian victory.

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7 months 3 weeks ago #10284 by Riclev
Two more games, with a victory to each side. In the first, the French attacked on their left, but against a Mother Russia reinforced light unit in Czarnowo and a Mother Russia Cossack unit joining in with three consecutive mounted charges the French right collapsed in a 7-2 Russian victory.

In the return game, the French refused their right flank and assaulted the line of hills in the centre. A couple of bayonet charges destroyed five units, killed General Lieven and captured the central redoubt at a cost of one line infantry unit for a 7-2 victory (the second Russian banner came from occupying Czarnowo). I think the scenario is more balanced than the stats suggest.

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