303 Haslach-Jungingen (11 October 1805)

4 years 11 months ago #5912 by Michalxo
We played again today. French won 6-1 today. Very swingy scenario. Battlefield smoke, Cavalry charge and a bit of help with dice.

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3 years 7 months ago #6850 by LARS
Austrians came within one French Light Infantry block of winning. Dupont carried the day thanks to a timely Bayonet Charge 6-5.

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7 months 3 weeks ago #10399 by miketodd
Austrians carry it easily 6-1. Horse artillery remain anchored at Jungingen, while neither side's cavalry are effectively deployed. Austrian right flank mostly uneventful.

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1 month 1 week ago #11222 by Pevans
Evert played the French, so moved first. Following historical precedent. he pushed French infantry forward on the right to grab part of Jungingen town - and a victory banner next turn (and the score's 0:1).

I moved up the French cavalry and snuck the Lights past the town to force French Light infantry into square, while the French in the town drove back the Austrian Horse artillery.

I hit the French Foot artillery in the centre with the Austrian Cuirassiers, but Evert countered by occupying more of the town centre-right while his Light cavalry savaged mine.

Time to pull my cavalry back on the right and occupy Böfingen on the left before the French did. Evert promptly attacked the town and the Austrian Line infantry demonstrated their Achilles heel - retreating at double-time. Taking the town gave Evert a second banner in due course - 0:2.

Evert advanced the French across the board, his Light cavalry on the right taking out my Horse artillery while the Heavies put the Austrian Grenadiers into square in the centre, However, he moved one of the infantry out of Jungingen, so the score's still 0:2.

The fighting continued (Evert's "Rally" card was effective for once) and my Grenadiers fell, as did the Austrian Light cavalry, cornered by their counterparts. 0:4 and the Austrian left flank is no more.

The Austrian Cuirassiers ganged up on the French Heavy cavalry, but they survived, while my right flank forces attacked Böfingen, which also hung on. A "Bayonet Charge" saw Evert counter-attack around Böfingen and eliminate an Austrian Line while re-occupying Juningen centre-right. That's 0:5 with another banner coming Evert's way at the start of his next turn.

My last gasp attempt to push the French out of the town failed, but I did finish off the French Heavy cavalry to make the final score 1:6.

That was painful, but at least it took less than 90 minutes for 25 turns - Mark B's 'Combat Assist' function on Vassal really speeds up the game. I'm sure the Austrians could win this one. Maybe Evert will demonstrate that in our re-match, but I do hope not.

I’ve also posted this report in my blog on BGG (with pictures!): boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/161897/battle-of-haslach-jungingen-1


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1 month 5 days ago #11232 by Pevans
And now the re-match between Evert and me and my turn to play French. Like Evert (and history) I immediately threw infantry into Jungingen town on the right. I also advanced infantry towards Böfingen, but the Austrians drove them off.

I bided my time and eventually took Böfingen despite some bad luck with the dice. Evert promptly demonstrated his better luck and Austrian infantry eliminated the Frenchmen holding the town. That makes the score 1:1 (as I get a banner for holding the majority of the town hexes).

Further fighting around Böfingen killed off the French infantry under General Marchand (1:2), though he escaped. Things quietened down as the Austrian infantry lined up on the left of the river and occupied Böfingen. Meanwhile, the Austrian cavalry was pushed back by the French right.

I used a "Bayonet Charge" to throw infantry against the cavalry on the right and Grenadiers in the centre. However, this vacated Lungingen, so the score went to 0:2. And it did not work out well. The Austrian Horse artillery eliminated a French Light infantry on the right (0:3), but were taken out themselves by French cavalry (1:3) with Gen Ferdinand leaving the field. Another banner came the way of the Austrians as they now held more town than the French: 1:4.

A "Cavalry Charge" from Evert saw the Austrian horsemen gang up on the French Lights - that's 1:5. Then the French Heavies got in on the act, taking out one Austrian Cuirassier for 2:5 and an infantry went back into Lungingen to deprive Evert of the banner for the towns: 2:4. At the same time French Light cavalry attacked on the left.

Having chased the French cavalry back, Evert got lucky. Attacking in the centre, Grenadiers and Line infantry took on Line infantry and Foot artillery and wiped them out. Three dice, three artillery hits - that's a 1/216 chance!

And that's a win for the Austrians (and Evert): 2:6. And the aggregate score is an embarrassing (for me) 3:12 to Evert. It was a longer game as we were both more cautious: 32 turns over 90 minutes. A good scenario, though, with opportunities for both players.

I’ve also posted this report on my BGG blog (with pictures!): boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/161959/battle-of-haslach-jungingen-2


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