201 Czarnowo (23 December 1806)

3 years 9 months ago #4898 by Kramaric
I lost the battle as Russians with 7:6. My French opponent opened the battle with the attack on my right by was defeated with heavy casualties including a general. French attempt on the opposite flank also failed, but in the centre Russian light infantry was mostly removed from the ridge. At some point of the battle Russians held a 6:1 lead in flags but could not finish the opposition. French renewed drive in the centre steadily destroyed Russian light infantry. Russian attempt to destroy French infantry in the woods with cavalry was not entirely successful. French fled and in the next move destroyed the defenders of the works in the centre gaining last two flags because they managed to kill the general as well.

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5 months 2 weeks ago #6873 by LARS
French win a Pyrrhic victory 7-6. The central hills changed hands twice, Friant finally overwhelming the Russian center but with severe casualties.

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5 months 2 weeks ago #6878 by Hexagoon
Played this 3 times, with one Russian victory vs 2 French. One memorable game where the French patiently amassed an attack force on their left which was smashed by an unexpected Bayonet Attack before it could be launched. Impressive Russian dice eliminated three units completely in one attack. As a result the French were obliged to move the survivors into the center with Grand Manoeuvre, and the battle was won there. A well balanced scenario well worth a few plays.

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4 months 6 days ago #6990 by NightOwl3
This was a fun scenario for sure. I would absolutely play it again. I think it is fairly open to try different strategies in this one, though the four-card limit does hurt the Russians. My first objective was to deny Judd the town, and make sure I got the banner for holding it. However, my first tactical mistake of the day was not going into square. It cost me dearly. I had a “hold and fire” card and was afraid that I would lose that card in square. I should have taken the risk. I ended up losing units there I did not need to. I did get to use the “hold and fire” card, but did not have any devastating rolls against Judd. Several good rolls would have blunted his bayonet charge. But it was not to be. Losing the center hill was a backbreaker. I later recovered a bit with the cavalry charge, but could not flip the momentum. The second tactical mistake was not taking the flag with the light unit into the forest. When Judd attacked the next turn I also lost the leader with him. I allowed the situation to maximize damage. I am not saying that without the tactical mistakes I would have won, but it would have been a much closer game. Good job Judd. French win 7-4.

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