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418 Ligny (16 June 1815)

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4 years 9 months ago #2053 by alecrespi

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4 years 8 months ago #2196 by Bayernkini
Replied by Bayernkini on topic 418 Ligny (16 June 1815)

The Ligny brook has no battle restrictions, but stops movement and will break charges. Meaning, a cavalry unit on or that crosses the stream when ordered by a Charge card, will not gain the additional dice listed on the card.

Before new FAQ questions coming up, this rule(s) counts only for the non bridge river
hexes; The bridges use their normal rules!

My dice are the hell!

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4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #2488 by General-Eble
Picked this as the first scenario to play from Exp 4. What a tough fight!
Played as the Prussians against MasterChief's French and this has been the longest scenario of C&C I have ever played - 3 hrs! Got halfway thru the deck when the French played Élan and forced a reshuffle. Then we used up another half of the deck before a result was reached, 11-7 to the Prussian inc 2 banners for the majority control of town hexes.
French just couldn't get a roll on and in the end attrition won the day. Both sides had a number of reduced units (1 or 2 blocks) at the end sitting near their respective baselines and the Prussians only played 1 Iron will counter - to ensure they got to attack back after a French play of First Strike rolled 1 flag that could not be ignored. A rash Prussian counter in the mid game cost them 2 banners for the gain of only 1 but forced the remaining single block French Light to beat a hasty retreat to the base line.
Timely play of Cavalry charge by the Prussian at the end along with a strange French move before hand which gave the majority victory banners to the Prussian won what was a slow grinding battle which reflected history quite well except for the end result.

Cest la guerre B)
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3 years 2 months ago #3612 by Timothy
Replied by Timothy on topic 418 Ligny (16 June 1815)
This is an ugly grinding battle. The Prussians took and early 4-0 lead which you ask the way up to 9-6 before the French gained the majority. Changing to 7-9 the town's changed hands several more times but in the end it was the French who, with a cavalry charge, finished off a Prussian unit to win 12-9

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6 months 1 week ago #5658 by General Eble
Played this again against a different opponent and side and a similar grind resulted. French prevailed 12-6 in what was a blood bath. They had only 3 full strength infantry units left at the end with a number of 1 block units skulking in the rear. Prussians lost 11 units and a leader but otherwise were intact but with a lot of their offensive power blunted. Including set up and pack up game went for 2.5 hours. Definitely a grind this one!

No guts, no glory!

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