50 Card Command Deck

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For small scenario, scenarios with all cavalry on 1 side, or for beginners, this deck reduces the more complicated and more powerful cards from the deck. The aim is to have no more than 3 units activate in a section at one time, which will suit those scenarios with 10 or less units on a side. It will also work for those scenarios that are all cavalry on one side, of which there are a few, which can bog down if there is a preponderance of infantry cards in that player's hand (e.g. Forced March, Hold & Shoot, Bayonet charge).

50 Card Command Deck
Attack (16 cards)
Coordinated Advance (2 cards)
Elan (2 cards)
Flank Attack (2 cards)
Forward (2 cards)
Leadership (3 cards)
Probe (16 cards)
Recon in Force (4 cards)
Scout (6 cards)
(53 cards total)

I think the easiest implementation is to simply use the 90 card deck, and discard and re-draw the following cards.

Bayonet Charge
Cavalry Charge
Give them Cold Steel
Fire and Hold
Forced March
La Grande Manoeuvre
Take Command

For scenarios with all cavalry on one side, the Cavalry Charge cards should be added back into the deck (making a 56 card deck).

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4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #4665 by GG
Replied by GG on topic 50 Card Command Deck
Welcome in the house deck club!
In my opinion the most pleasure you can do to newcomers (and surprisingly to some old players like me) is to go back to a single deck! The point is that the official GMT double decks provide more power to the Leaders witch is great! My solution was to create a powered single deck with few changes. We enjoy it so much!
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