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Ladder Tournaments Rules was created by alecrespi
The ladder would be simple.
One round is played every month.

Each round, a new scenario will be played which is pre-selected from a list of scenarios choosen by the players.
Each player would play the player (non-idle) directly below them (Ex # 1 would play # 2) in a match.

Once a match date begins, it is up to the two players involved to setup a time(s) to play the match.

A match (or even a game) does not have to be completed in one session as it can be saved as a log file and continued at a later date. Players may also use PBEM but only if both agree to that method but should only be used as a last resort.

A match consists of 2 games. Each player will play one game from each side (Allied & French) of that round's scenario. The higher ranked player will play from the Allied side first.

In case of a tie (both players win 1 game), the match would go to the player that earned more total medals in the match. If this if also a tie, then the match would go to the player that eliminated the most figures in the match.

The third tiebreaker (after the above two were used) is the higher ranked player would win. Rank has it's privileges.

Any player that won would pass all players that lost above him.

If a player can´t play, he would drop below all any player who played that round.
Any player who forfeits a match (does not play both games) will drop to the bottom of the ladder.

Any new player would be added to the bottom of the list.

In case of an odd number of active players for a given round, the last player on the list would be idle.

Rounds would start every 4-6th week. Players would have 1 month or more to complete their matches (2 games).
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