Special Unit Blocks

This expansion introduces the concept of special units, the elite units of the Ancient World such as Alexander’s Companion Cavalry or the Persian Immortals. When special units are present in a battle, they will be labeled on the battlefield, and the scenario instructions will specify that a Special Unit block will be placed in each special unit’s hex. The special rules will provide the increased abilities for each special unit.

The Special Unit block moves with the unit. It does not count as a block that can be removed to satisfy losses. This block is not transferable to any other unit. If the special unit is eliminated, this block is removed from the map along with the last block of the unit.

The Carthaginian Sacred Band

This unit is found in the Crimissos River Battle Scenario from Commands and Colors: Ancients. It was an elite unit, so if you wish to replay this battle scenario with a more historically accurate Sacred Band, use the special abilities outlined below:

On the battlefield, the Sacred band is the heavy infantry unit directly below the hex containing the Hasdrubal leader. Place a Special Unit block in the hex with the Sacred Band unit to distinguish it from other Carthaginian units.

Sacred Band special abilities:
• The Sacred Band will score one hit for each leader symbol rolled in close combat. A leader does not have to be attached or in an adjacent hex to confer this benefit.
• The Sacred Band may ignore one flag.
• The Sacred Band retains these special abilities until the last block of the unit has been removed from the battlefield.