OT2021 Round 2

3 months 2 weeks ago #3844 by Mark-McG
OT2021 Round 2 was created by Mark-McG
Open Tournament  Round 2

OT2021 Round 2

"I will either find a way, or make one."
attrib to Hannibal Barca

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3 months 2 weeks ago - 3 months 2 weeks ago #3845 by Gileforn
Replied by Gileforn on topic OT2021 Round 2
Match 1

Atony77 (Eumenes): 1 Banners

Gileforn (Craterus): 6 Banners

That was a very fast battle, were dice were not on the Eumenes side. Attack by cavalry step by step destroyed the left Eumenes flank. Cavalry charge helped Eumenes to take a banner by destroying Craterus' cavalry.

Match 2

Atony77 (Craterus): 2 Banners

Gileforn (Eumenes): 6 Banners

This game was longer, but also dice helped to Eumenes. Line command and other orders helped for maneuvres. The cavalry on the right flank tried to something special, but was stoped by auxilia. Spartak came twice to Craterus and made some problems for the Eumenes. Heavy infantry after rally have taken the last banner.

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3 months 1 week ago #3869 by RiverWanderer
Replied by RiverWanderer on topic OT2021 Round 2
Calling LiamBN... please see your private messages. Or @Mark McG - do you have an email address for him?


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3 months 1 week ago - 3 months 2 days ago #3873 by mk20336
Replied by mk20336 on topic OT2021 Round 2
Match 1
Renaud (Eumenes): 1 Banners
mk20336 (Craterus): 6 Banners

Another quick and furious battle, with Craterus charging in first turn for 2 VPs, and then rolling the flank. All my rolls were perfect, all cards I needed I had. There was not stopping Craterus this day.

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File Name: OT2021_R2_g1_log.vlog
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Match 2
Renaud (Craterus): 3 Banners
mk20336 (Eumenes): 6 Banners

Renaud started exactly like I did in first game - with Mounted Charge. But it did not worked so well. The game transformed into battle of maneuver, with Eumenes lead 3-1 only to be checked by Craterus to 3-3. Once I brought my Hi to fight, things started to change - in last turn Eumenes forces gained 3 banners finishing the game.

Thanks to Renauld for flexibility in organizing our games!

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File Name: OT2021_R2_g2_log.vlog
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3 months 6 days ago #3876 by gottoman
Replied by gottoman on topic OT2021 Round 2
Match 1Greg O (Craterus): 6 BannersTogan Alper (Eumenes): 5 BannersCraterus took two banners on the right for an early lead and reformed his lines and then Double Timed into battle, while the Eumenes countered with a fierce Mounted Charge on the left that left a triangle of Craterus' lights huddled on the backline.  Craterus cared little for his light troops and drove all the way to the Eumenes baseline as he started to chew through the units in his path.   The Eumenes continued to press the left, leaving a sol surviving Aux on the baseline who was quite vulnerable.   Craterus continued to race against time continuing his lone assault, which ended up winning the game in the end likely at the last moment possible.Match 2Greg O (Eumenes): 6 BannersTogan Alper (Craterus): 0 Banners

Both sides moved towards each other in good order.   Eumenes missile fire weakened the Craterus center while Craterus truck first on the left.   Eumenes then double timed into the weak spot of the Cretarus line that also was without support of any leader.   The Eumenes punched through the line and caused casualties.   Craters struck back into the Surging Eumenes forces but there attacks had little effect and left three weakened units that were eliminated in the next Eunemes play.

A tough day for Togan, but he's always fun to play with and you must have luck and cards to hang in there against him, and I had both today, thanks to Ares' blessings.

Greg Ottoman

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3 months 6 days ago #3877 by taliapharaoh
Replied by taliapharaoh on topic OT2021 Round 2
Two fantastic games that both came down to the narrowest of margins. (I have come to expect this every time playing TTK)

Game 1

TTK - Eumenes - 6 Banners
Travis - Craterus - 5 Banners

Game one was a back and forth struggle, one that came within a single block of a 6-3 Craterus victory.  After some unlucky rolls, the Eumenes cavalry on the right was gone and the fighting settled in the center.  Both sides fought valiantly, but the final banner was gained in a desperate cavalry charge following a failed attack on a weakened HI.  Expertly played by TTK as usual.

Game 2

Travis - Eumenes - 6 Banners
TTK - Craterus - 5 Banners

After much maneuvering, the 2nd game devolved into a slugfest which largely played out in the center as well, with TTK hammering away with the steadfast Craterus infantry to gain a 5-4 lead.  A desperate mounted charge (the 2nd in a row), eliminated two Crateran units well away from the fighting to gain the 5th and 6th banner and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, in a very similar way to the first match. 

Very fun and thrilling games!

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3 months 6 days ago - 3 months 6 days ago #3878 by Rand
Replied by Rand on topic OT2021 Round 2
Round 2 Game 1

Azzy Vs. Rand

Azzy - Eumenes - 6 Banners
Rand - Craterus - 3 Banners

Eager to close ranks, Craterus' army breaks forward with two Line Command cards played in a row. This leaves Craterus himself exposed to withering fire from archers and his unit is destroyed by a follow-up cavalry attack. This attack also damages two auxiliary units, but the battle back takes its toll on the cavalry of Eumenes. After a further cavalry charge, the center of Craterus' Army surges against the main line of the enemy. A well-timed counter and hot dice destroys two medium infantry and a heavy infantry, leaving Neoptolemus isolated and alone in a victory for Eumenes.

Round 2 Game 2

Azzy Vs. Rand

Azzy - Craterus - 3 Banners
Rand - Eumenes - 6 Banners

Craterus starts his advance in the left flank, but is thwarted by an all-out mounted charged by the cavalry of Eumenes, who leads the charge on the right flank. In the first melee, Craterus is cutdown, reducing the command of his army by one card. two auxiliary and a medium cavalry are also heavily damaged. The counter by Craterus' remaining general, Neoptolemus, destroys Eumenes' medium cavalry unit, but it costs him two auxiliary and heavily damages a medium cavalry of his own. Eumenes is then chased down and killed, removing a card from his command. Light skirmishing on the left finishes off Craterus' former unit and the remnants of Eumenes' cavalry withdraws as the infantry on both sides march towards each other. Neoptolemus overextends one of his medium infantry units, which is cut off and destroyed by infantry led by Alcetus. A momentum advance then destroys Neoptolemus' own unit and ends the battle.

Big thanks to Azzy for two exciting battles, both were incredibly close and extremely fun. Good luck to him in the rest of the tournament.

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3 months 6 days ago - 3 months 6 days ago #3879 by Dawnreader
Replied by Dawnreader on topic OT2021 Round 2
Round 2 Game 1

Dawnreader Vs. Hank

Dawnreader - Eumenes - 6 Banners
Hank - Craterus - 5 Banners

Craterus with heavy infantry struck on the right flank and destroyed Bowmans. Then medium infantry attack followed on left-wing wiping out 2 auxiliaries. Eumenes with cavalry counterattacked and killed 3 medium infantries, Neoptolemus survived through 5 leader checks. 2 cavalry bands of Eumenes attacked heavy infantry with Craterus leading them and ... died from battle back strikes. Craterus with heavy infantry and auxiliaries started the final push on right-wing trying to score the last banner. Medium and heavy infantry with Alcetus leading the counterattack moved forward to the enemy and scored two final heavies with it. Eumenes wins.

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3 months 5 days ago - 3 months 5 days ago #3880 by Benlore
Replied by Benlore on topic OT2021 Round 2
Match 1
Cavie(Eumenes):   6 Banners
Benlore(Craterus): 2 Banners

A long battle as Craterus charged early down the right flank and was killed in a double time by the Alectus out of the center. The Eumenes then went to work on Neoptolemus who pulled the remnants of the early conflict into a hard turtle formation in the centre. Eumenes picked off the rest for a drawn out victory.

Match 2
Benlore(Eumenes): 6 Banners
Cavie(Craterus): 1 Banner

This battle was quick. Eumenes set up a double mounted charge to take three banners and push Neoptolemus off the board. Craterus managed to take a banner on the left flank, but it was too late as Emumenes moved up the centre to finish off the beleaguered retreating light troops with a double time.  
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3 months 2 days ago #3883 by RiverWanderer
Replied by RiverWanderer on topic OT2021 Round 2
Match 1

LiamBN (Eumenes): 2 Banners
RiverWanderer (Craterus): 6 Banners

Skirmishing on the flanks put leaders from both sides in early jeopardy but the situation resolved to an exchange of cavalry. The sides fell back on opposite flanks with Craterus maintaining a strong attacking posture.

As Alcetus began to lead Eumene's centre forward, Craterus light troops gave a good account of themselves, targeting vulnerable units and Alcetus himself. Craterus' centre reorganised behind a shield of light units. Alcetus' attack at last hit home but his lead unit had been weakened and was eliminated when its bonus combat came up one hit short. Now Craterus closed in on a second weakened unit in Eumene's attack formation, gaining the final banner.

Match 2 is scheduled for next week.

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