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Historical Background

Through the winter of 1689-90, the Highland army gradually diminished in numbers. King James, hiding in Ireland, aware of the precarious state of his supporters in Scotland, sent clothing, arms, ammunition and provisions. At the same time he appointed Thomas Buchan commanderin- chief of the Jacobite forces in Scotland. Buchan, upon the appointment, called a meeting of the clans, who unanimously resolved to continue the war, but not until the planting of the spring crops was completed. In the mean time Buchan mustered 1,200 infantrymen and marched down the Spey River, with hopes of mustering additional forces. While his men were making camp, Buchan was totally unaware that Thomas Livingstone, in command of the Government Dragoons, had been dispatched from Inverness and was just on the opposite side of the Spey. In the early morning hours, Livingstone ordered his Dragoons to attack, which took the Highlander camp by complete surprise. The Highlanders tried to make a stand, but before they could rally, many had already started to retreat.

The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history

Battle Notes

Jacobite Army

Commander: Buchan
2* Command Cards & 2 Combat Cards

Government Army

Commander: Livingstone
6 Command Cards & 4 Combat Cards
Move First


4 Victory Banners

Special Rules:

• The Jacobite player starts with 2 Command cards (they were surprised). First turn play a Command card draw 2 Command cards. Turn 2 play a command Card, draw 2 Command cards. The Jacobite player will now have 4 Command Cards and will stay at 4 Command cards for the rest of the battle. Note, the maximum number of Jacobite units that can be ordered on a turn is equal to the number of Command cards held.
• The Government player gains 1 Permanent Victory banner at start of turn when a Government unit occupies a camp hex. Remove the camp hex and gain 1 Victory banner.
• The entire Spey river is fordable. In addition, there are no movement restrictions at the two shallow fords.

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Clan Rattray replied the topic:
11 months 2 weeks ago
Cromdale – May 1st, 1690
Oh what a bloody mess Cromdale is for the Jacobites… Played this one twice solitaire with some WoFun miniatures and both games resulted in quick defeats for the Highlanders. The first one the English won 4 to 1 after three turns. The second game’s AAR follows…
Turn 1: Livingston orders a Cavalry Charge. The Dragoons level their swords, storm, and capture the western Jacobite camp along the River Spey. On the right flank, English cavalry wipe out a Highlander unit. English up 2 to 0 just minutes into the contest. Jacobite Commander Thomas Buchan moves up and orders his men to engage the Government usurpers with musket fire. The sporadic firing cause the English cavalry on the Jacobite right to retreat back across the shallow Spey. On the left, the English horsemen suffer only a few casualties from the scattered shots.
Turn 2: Livingston’s Dragoons continue to press on the right. The Highlanders near the Spay give way against another cavalry attack and avoid damage. Surprisingly, they instead inflict some wounds on the English equestrians. But this is a minor setback. A second Dragoon regiment assaults the eastern Jacobite encampment with vim and vigor! As they attack the camp they cause the Highlanders to rout off the field. With the camp ransacked and another highlander unit running for the Hill of Cromdale, the Government wins the day 4 to 0. Brutal scenario for Thomas Buchan and his clansmen.