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The 13th and 43rd divisions of XXI Corps and the 38th Division advanced simultaneously down the Malmaison heights, with tank support on the flanks, towards the edge of the plain south of the Ailette. French aeroplanes flew overhead, attacked German infantry and bombed trenches, roads and bridges. Behind the French troops on the right, at the summit of the Chemin-des-Dames ridge, a surprise was sprung by a line of French guns secretly placed behind the ridge, which began a creeping barrage. The 13th Division attacked Vaudesson and Bois de la Belle Croix, the 43rd Division advanced towards Montparnasse Quarry and the 38th Division entered the Bois de la Garenne and Orme Farm. Vaudesson village was threatened from the west flank by the 27th Division of XIV Corps, in Lizard Trench and was captured by the 21st Regiment and several tanks, as Bois de la Belle Croix further east was overrun by the 109th Regiment, which took 18 guns and several prisoners.
At Montparnasse Quarry, which had galleries 0.97 km (0.6 mi) long, the 1st Chasseur Battalion attack continued until the garrison surrendered at 10:30 a.m. and Orme Farm and a quarry to its left, were taken by the 38th Division. The French pressed on and drove the Germans from Bois de la Garenne and the open ground on its right. By 1:00 p.m., the French had reached the Chavignon brickfields and the east end of the village. The 38th Division crossed the Pargny-Filain–Chavignon road at the same time and attacked Many Farm. By 3:00 p.m., the division had fought through the east end Chavignon and had reached Voyen-Chavignon. An hour earlier, the 1st Chasseur Battalion had advanced from Montparnasse Quarry and taken the west end Chavignon. On their left, the 149th and 150th Infantry Regiments captured a German battalion at the Corbeau cavern and pushed the German defenders out of Bois des Hoinets
On the right flank, the élite 4th Zouaves had been detailed to take Fort de la Malmaison; from 3:00 a.m. they had been bombarded by German heavy artillery, which caused many casualties. At 5:15 a.m., the advance began and only traces of the first two German trenches were found. At Carbine Trench some resistance was encountered, the Zouaves advanced towards the fort, guided by French artillery firing incendiary shells. From Bois de la Veau on the right, massed machine-gun fire was encountered but the surviving Zouaves, reached the remains of the counterscarp and entered the ruins of the fort.
The garrison was stalked through the ruins and quickly overrun. Bombers and flame-thrower teams searched the galleries, several machine-guns were captured and at 6:05 a.m., the flag of the battalion was hoisted over the fort. Other Zouave battalions on the flanks came up and the 38th Division halted and helped to consolidate the summit of the plateau, which had come under bombardment by German artillery on the Monampteuil Heights to the east.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Command Cards 5 Combat Cards 3 HQ Tokens 6 Reserve Artillery 3 Special Personnel 2

Command Cards 6 Combat Cards 5 HQ Tokens 15 Reserve Artillery 5 Special Personnel 9 (Note, a 10th, Elite has been placed on the Right flank, the Zouves)

Side by Side Play

Each turn, the active player plays 2 Command cards, one for the left board (leftmost 3 sections) and one for the right board (rightmost 3 sections)
A reserve artillery may be played by either or both command cards as per normal rules, but must be placed on respective board
Units may move between boards.
Command cards activate only units on their board.
Players may play 1 Combat Card per board
At turn end, player draws 2 Command Cards, and either 2 Combat cards, 4 HQ, or 1 Combat Card and 2 HQ.

Victory - 14

  • 1 Medal for each unit eliminated.
  • The French forces gain 1 Temporary Victory Medal at the start of their turn, when one or more units occupy any German trench hex. Place a French Victory Medal with the unit on the trench hex when occupied. This medal is gained once per board (Left & Right) for up to two Medals.
  • The French forces gain 1 Permanent Victory Medal at the start of their turn for each bunker, building and the Montparnasse Quarry hex occupied. Place a French Victory Medal on the hex to indicate it was captured.
  • The French forces gain 1 Permanent Victory Medal for each soldier unit, and 2 Medals for each tank, that succeeds in breaking through and exiting the battlefield from the German baseline.
  • The French forces are racing against time. The German player, when playing a "Recon" command card, may take a Victory Medal and draw only one command card, instead of drawing two command cards.

Special Rules

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