HQ Tokens

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HQ tokens are initially placed in a common HQ token pool, alongside the game board. During the course of the game, the HQ tokens a player earns are kept in his HQ reserve pool in his play area. The number of HQ tokens a player holds is public information throughout the game.
Managing and Replenishing HQ Reserves - Just as important as managing his hand of command cards and combat cards, a player must carefully watch his HQ reserve, and make sure to keep adequate reserves if he is to launch his own combat card actions at the most opportune time or strike the opposition forces with his reserve artillery.
There is no limit to the number of HQ tokens a player may have in his reserve. However, should the common HQ tokens pool run out, no further HQ tokens can be gained until the common pool is replenished. Actions that normally grant HQ tokens, grant you nothing instead.
The following are some of the ways a player may gain HQ tokens:

  • A number of HQ tokens are taken at the start of a game as indicated by the scenario notes.
  • At the end of the active player’s game turn, the player opts to take two HQ tokens instead of drawing a combat card.
  • At the end of the active player’s game turn, the player discards one of his combat cards and gains one HQ token.
  • As a result of playing certain combat cards.
  • HQ tokens are gained for each HQ symbol rolled, when targeting an enemy unit in combat.

Note: Rolling a HQ symbol during other times during play, other than in combat will not gain HQ tokens for a player or rolling a HQ symbol, when targeting wire terrain for example, will not gain a HQ token when rolled.

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