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Historical background

The Montparnasse Quarry sustained continued attacks by the 1st Chasseur Battalion until the garrison finally surrendered at mid-morning. The 1st Chasseur Battalion then joined the 38th Division, and together they advanced on Chavignon and Fort de la Malmaison. Near the remnants of the fort, the 66th Division joined in on the attack, but most of the barbed-wire entanglements and German machine gun emplacements placed in the ruins of the old fort remained intact. By the end of the day, little progress had been made.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.



Command CardsCombat CardsHQ TokensReserve ArtillerySpecial Personnel 1


Command CardsCombat CardsHQ Tokens 10  Reserve Artillery 5  Special Personnel 5

Victory Medals: 7

  • 1 Medal for each unit eliminated.
  • The French forces gain 1 Temporary Victory Medal at the start of their turn, when one or more units occupy any German trench hex. Place a French Victory Medal with the unit on the trench hex when occupied.
  • The French forces gain 1 Permanent Victory Medal at the start of their turn for each bunker, building and the Montparnasse Quarry hex occupied. Place a French Victory Medal on the hex to indicate it was captured.
  • The French forces gain 1 Permanent Victory Medal for each soldier unit, and 2 Medals for each tank, that succeeds in breaking through and exiting the battlefield from the German baseline.
  • The French forces are racing against time. The German player, when playing a "Recon" command card, may take a Victory Medal and draw only one command card, instead of drawing two command cards.

Special Rules

  • French player does the No-Man’s-Land shelling.


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