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Refreshing rules memory

5 months 2 weeks ago #653 by Mark McG
Been a long while since I've played Samurai Battles, and there are quite a few little, obscure rules that have been slowing coming back. So I thought I'd make a list whilst they are fresh in my head, for my future reference and maybe the benefit of others;

1. Costs HF to retreat - 1 HF for Green & Blue, 2 HF for Red, +1 HF if there is a leader
2. Cavalry Leaders can inspire adjacent units (1HF)
3. Inspired combat ignores the first Honor die roll
4. All units hit on swords in Close Combat, but armor bonus and stature bonus for mounted apply.
5. Green units can't evade
6. Ninjas protect foot leaders from Close combat hits, but not ranged
7. Ninjas add an extra leader casualty check to Close combat attacks
8. All red units ignore 1 flag
9. Arquebus units don't get honor in Ranged attacks, but Bow units do!
10. Only 1 Dragon card per player per turn can be played
11. Foot Leaders with a Ninja have higher status than other Foot leaders in Personal Combat, but the Ninja can't take the hit if they lose.
12. Draw 2 HF or 1 Dragon card at Turn End
13. Lone Leaders must retreat 1-3 hexes if attacked, losing 3HF or commit Seppuku (+5HF, -1 Command card, and opponent gets 1 Dragon card)
14. Victorious ordered units can Gain ground if the Close Combat hex is cleared
15. Cavalry and units with leaders can Bonus Melee (no ranged bonus attacks)
16. Cavalry only gain ground, no extra hex pursuit bonus

“I dreamt of worldly success once.”
― Miyamoto Musashi
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