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What has happened to this game?

10 years 2 months ago - 10 years 2 months ago #39 by squatting monkey
From Richard Borg stating in interviews that stat info for C&C would be available in small expansion model kits to talk about Monks etc. There is a complete drop-off of information and most likely intent to continue any production for this game. What has happened? Did it not sell? Were there legal disputes between the two licenses? Zvedza hasn't updated any info on this product line in ages.

Judging by the low volume on this site, maybe no one is purchasing or playing this game. It is a fantastic game for a fantastic price; granted many are turned off by the "model building" aspect, but I just don't get it. I personally perfer the Art of Tactic system; however, but it is so easy to find a C&C player and set up a game that lasts half the time of an Art of Tactic game. What is not to love for the $50.00 price tag.

I do have a few issues with the C&C variant. It seems that much more thought could have gone into the abilities of units. I understand why the no-dachi are "replacement" units since they weren't in the boxed scenarios, but compare the ninja abilities in Art of Tactic with those in C&C. Art of Tactic is far more thematic. Since there are numbered hexes in this game, why not allow a ninja to "hide" on the map and await in ambush? or Have what appears to be an ashigura unit reveal itself as a ninja unit when engaged. The Mounted Archers are another lost opportunity, they are incredibly expensive to field since you have to buy two sets to create a unit, and their ability isn't very dynamic. In Art of tactic they can decide to shoot at any point in their movement --this allows them to move, shoot, then move again. The strategy options there are incredible. I am glad they created a peasant mob out of the unused ninjas. I am also a little confused as to why command cards are lost in some situations and not others. If a leader commits sepuku or a command tent in overrun, you lose a command card because you are losing leadership resources. Why isn't this the case if a leader flees the battlefield? My last little complaint is the decision to not make more strategic use out of the elevated terrain tiles.

Okay, rant nearly complete.

Why doesn't this garner near the enthusiasm as the other C&C titles? Why don't C&C players try out the Art of Tactic system? Why am I so bad at painting these miniatures? :woohoo:
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10 years 2 months ago #40 by JTSpecial
I can't answer your questions, but I will back you up in your frustrations... :(

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10 years 1 month ago #42 by Mark-McG
I think for C&C players there is a lot of choice in games, and Samurai Battles has lagged behind Ancients & Napoleonics. Even the aging BattleCry and BattleLore garner more enthusiasm.

I think the components have a something to do with it. The miniatures are beautiful, but not easy to build and not robust to play with. The board is OK, and the cards are rather plain. The rules and the mechanics are fabulous, so it is a real shame.

The scenario selection of the original game was rather limited, and whilst the expansion scenarios are rather fuller, they aren't overly numerous compared to the 18+ in a GMT product.

That being said, Zvezda seeme to have really done a miserable job of selling the game. Even after the expansion won awards at the Origins Fair in 2012 and again in 2013, the Expansion (Ninja Attack) just wasn't distributed to retailers until months later.

So some things that would help here are;
1. updating the VASSAL module with the Expansion set
2. A scenario generation/creation set of rules. The point buy system might be the go.

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10 years 1 month ago #43 by bluefalcon251
I'm new to miniatures and this game is my first. For a beginner I did not do too badly putting them together, it was a learning process but not too many broken pieces. I am focused on the AOT side first but will definitely move to C&C soon. I discovered this game by accident when looking to buy a second copy of IKUSA on Amazon. I like big army games and doubling pieces is how I go (Risk and Axis & Allies big time). This is not as promoted but I was able to find what I want for two sizable armies and at good prices. I worry about not being able to acquire more sets so hopefully the word will get out about how awesome this game can be.

I do wish to learn how to use the Vassal creator, especially for the AOT side and expand on the C&C. As for the miniatures, I do not have the skill for detail so I painted them one color per army (one blue, one black, my fav colors) with the sashimono flags the same yellow and red (blue w/yellow, black w/red). The pieces are small and tricky but well detailed and the combo of two game types makes it well worth the effort.

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