BS05 Nagashino (1575)

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Nagashino 1575
In May 1575, Takeda Katsuyori besieged Nagashino Castle...

BS05 Nagashino (1575)

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4 years 9 months ago #409 by Mark McG
Replied by Mark McG on topic BS05 Nagashino (1575)
A question regarding the stream
* Rengogawa Stream
The Regongawa is fordable river along its entire length.

When the battle notes state an entire stream is fordable, apply rules for fords to all hexes that form the stream.
In addition, any ford hexes that are a part of the fordable steam are considered very shallow and do not have any battle or movement restrictions.

so it appears the Rengogawa has no effect on movement or battle, which seems at odds with the reputed steep banks.

So what I think the scenario is depicting is an unfordable stream, with fords.

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