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11 months 2 weeks ago #723 by Mark McG
HISTORY DETAILSIn June of 1560, Imagawa Yoshimoto assembled...

G11 OZEHEZAMA 1560 AD (Border Fort Marune)

“I dreamt of worldly success once.”
― Miyamoto Musashi

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8 months 4 days ago #824 by NightOwl3
Another great battle with Judd that came down to the wire, even though it ended up 5-3. Imagawa sprang the trap with the perfect card: Hold and Shoot to get some early damage. Oda responded with aggressive moves forward to get in the face of the bowmen and gunners. A Cav charge card by Imagawa (RED) put pressure on Oda, but a misplaced choice of target allowed a forceful counter attack which delivered 3 hits on the Red Cav. Meanwhile on Imagawa's right he was able to break several of the spearmen and send the food leader running to the rear. But due to emergency issues in the center, Imagawa had to wait to follow up. In the center Oda threw everything he had to attack the two AA units. But even after repeated attacks some of five dice, the AA units did not break. In the end, the center attack stalled, and Imagawa was able to break a spearman on his right to win the game, 5-3. This was a fun scenario.

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