When a Saber is rolled on the Pre-Battle Mother Russia Roll, may a 2 sided field works only be placed on a hill, forest or town hex, or may a field works be placed on a bridge, church windmill terrain hex?

On a Pre-Battle Mother Russia Roll, when a Saber is rolled it does not restrict the placement of a field works hex with 2 sides to just a unit on a hill, forest or town hex. The Mother Russia Saber bullet's final sentence reads, "If a unit is already on a terrain hex, replace the terrain hex with an available terrain hex that contains the terrain and field works." The key word is available  terrain hex. Currently there are no official scenarios that have a Russian infantry or artillery unit on a bridge, church or windmill hex, therefore GMT did not include these terrain hexes with a field works in the mix of terrain tiles in the Russian expansion.

If a town has a field works does the unit ignore a flag?

A unit on a hex with a field works, being attacked through a field works hex side, will allow an infantry or artillery unit to ignore one flag. Battle restrictions for the terrain the field works is on will still apply. Note that field works on a country side hex (no terrain hex) will apply field works battle restrictions.

May a Russian Line infantry unit that is being attacked through a field works side of a hex ignore two flags, one flag for the field works and one flag because it is a Russian Line unit?


Is the rule found in the Russian expansion, that an infantry unit can form square when on a field works hex apply to the core game and Spanish expansion as well?

The rule that allows infantry on a field works to form square when being attacked by cavalry not across a hex side with a field works does indeed apply to the core game and all expansions.

Is a unit in square (able to man the walls, therefore) still able to ignore one Flag of attacks comming through the Field Work hex sides OR they lose that terrain bonus because being in square?

A square on a field works hex should be able to ignore 1 flag when the attack is across a hex side with field works (Richard Borg - 09-2014).

"A Field Works provides protection along the forward facing hex sides." How does this exact work?

It works exact as the "fences" rules in Battlecry, see charts below.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - July- 30)

Expansion #3 - Austrian

Did the walled farm tiles come with this expansion? As I noticed them in the rule / scenario book.
I have 18 tiles but none of them are of a walled farm.

The incorrectly printed terrain tile sheet in C&C Austrians is being reprinted and will be included at no charge in the upcoming C&C Prussians.
There will be extra free copies for those who do not purchase C&C Prussians.

Fordable River

If a unit is moving or battling from one fordable river hex to another, do fordable river penalties apply?



Design question or would like to hear opinions: It’s odd that bridges do not have a melee penalty. It’s tough to fight across bridges. Narrow front, easy target vs. fire.

Scenario specific special rules for fighting across a bridge are planned for the future. A bridge and for that matter a river or stream, keeping with the scale of the game, only occupies a portion of a hex.


If victory conditions refers to "town" hexes, does the church count for VP as town objective also?

The church (also other "town type" terrain as windmill, tower, walled farm, castle e.g.) count as "town" hex for Victory Conditions (except the scenario notes states otherwise)
(Richard Borg: 2014 - July)

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