Blücher tabletop rules - Campaign Vassal module

3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #4593 by Bayernkini
If anybody knows the "Blücher" rules of Sam Mustafa, they know, there is a good and easy campaign system within the rules.
So you move your "campaign" units on a overview map, and if they meet an enemy, they battle on board then :)

I noticed, that another guy of the "Blücher-Forum" did already a first template of a Vassal module, i asked for a copy.

I will forward the module to Alessandro, unitl there is anyone in future, who want go on with this module and adapt it to CCN.

A few examples campaing maps (Scharnhorst campaign maps) and a full 100days Campaign (Manual for the 100Days campaign) is free for download on his website.

And here is a snapshot of the vassal module

My dice are the hell!
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