At the start of your turn, play a Command card from your hand.
Place it face up in front of you and read it aloud.

A Command card usually dictates the number of units or Leaders ordered for the turn, as well as the Section(s) of the battlefield to which they must belong. Hexes with a dotted line running through them are always considered as simultaneously belonging to both the corresponding flank and center Sections.

There are two types of Command cards:

  • Section cards (left, center and right) are recognizable by their iconic representation of the Sections of the battlefield on the lower half of the card. They are used to order a set number of units from the Section arrow(s) highlighted on the card.
  • Tactic cards feature an explicit description of the number and type of units that can be ordered by the play of the card. When the location of these units is not specified, a tactic card can be used to order units in any Sections across the battlefield.

If the situation arises where the Command card just played cannot order any of a player’s units, disregard Phase 2 through 4 of the game turn and draw a new Command card, which ends a player’s turn.


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