A scenario’s war council notes state which player goes first.
Players then alternate taking turns, until one of the players reaches the number of Victory Banners indicated in the scenario’s victory conditions.
The active (attacking) player on his turn, orders the forces under his control into movement and battle with the play of a Command card and its associated effects. The active player’s opponent is considered the defending player during the turn.
During a player’s turn follow the sequence shown below:

  1. COMMAND Phase: Play a Command card.
  2. ORDER Phase: Announce all units and Leaders you intend to order, within the limits of the section or tactic Command card just played.
  3. MOVEMENT Phase: Move all ordered units and Leaders, one at a time. Respect unit movement regulations per the unit reference sheet and terrain movement limitations.
  4. COMBAT Phase: All movement must be completed before any combat is fought. Battle one ordered unit at a time and each unit’s combat must be fought to completion including any additional combat actions before another unit’s combat is begun.
  5. END OF TURN Phase: Draw a new Command card, which ends the player’s turn.


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