MT02 Late Roman Empire (Ancients & Medieval)

MT02 Late Roman Empire (Ancients and Medieval)


Rnd 1 CCM 001 Utus River (447 AD)
Rnd 2 CCM 002 Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) Roman Left
Rnd3 CCM 003 Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) Roman Right
Rnd 4 CCA VV01 Marcianopolis (377 AD)
Rnd 5 CCA VV02 Battle of Salices (377 AD) - we will not use optional rule
Rnd 6 CCA VV03 Adrianople (378 AD)
Semi CCA C3i21 EPIC Argentoratum (357 AD)
Final CCA C3i20 EPIC Adrianople (378 AD)


This table shows the match-ups and scenarios for each round.  The Alpha Group will play the Barbarian side and the Beta Group will play the Roman side.

Preliminary Rounds – Deadline for completion: 30 November 2020

Preliminary Rounds
Round Barbarian   Roman Scenario: 
Round 1 Gonzo 1v7 stormwalker CCM 001 Utus River (447 AD)
toganalper 2v8 dukeadam
Mark McG 3v9 jrtracy
EZPickins 4v10 gottoman
gotigerssc 5v11 Travis
mk20336 6v12 scipio1zama
Round 2 Gonzo 1v8 dukeadam CCM 002 Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) Roman Left
toganalper 2v9 jrtracy
Mark McG 3v10 gottoman
EZPickins 4v11 Travis
gotigerssc 5v12 scipio1zama
mk20336 6v7 stormwalker
Round 3 Gonzo 1v9 jrtracy CCM 003 Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) Roman Right
toganalper 2v10 gottoman
Mark McG 3v11 Travis
EZPickins 4v12 scipio1zama
gotigerssc 5v7 stormwalker
mk20336 6v8 dukeadam
Round 4 Gonzo 1v10 gottoman CCA VV01 Marcianopolis (377 AD)
toganalper 2v11 Travis
Mark McG 3v12 scipio1zama
EZPickins 4v7 stormwalker
gotigerssc 5v8 dukeadam
mk20336 6v9 jrtracy
Round 5 Gonzo 1v11 Travis CCA VV02 Battle of Salices (377 AD) - we will not use optional rule
toganalper 2v12 scipio1zama
Mark McG 3v7 stormwalker
EZPickins 4v8 dukeadam
gotigerssc 5v9 jrtracy
mk20336 6v10 gottoman
Round 6 Gonzo 1v12 scipio1zama CCA VV03 Adrianople (378 AD)
toganalper 2v7 stormwalker
Mark McG 3v8 dukeadam
EZPickins 4v9 jrtracy
gotigerssc 5v10 gottoman
mk20336 6v11 Travis


Please report match results in the MT02 Forum in the form

Round #

Player 1 (Barbarian): # Banners and ## blocks lost

Player 2 (Roman): # Banners and ## blocks lost

A brief recount of the Action

Attach the Game log file

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Mark McG replied the topic: #403 5 days 13 hours ago
JR has now joined the Medieval site, so please contact him via the PM system to arrange your match.

User ID: jrtracy
Mark McG replied the topic: #396 1 week 3 days ago
JR Tracy is taking over Tomek's spot, and I've extended the deadline out to 30 November to give JR some sort of chance to get the matches played.

Away from home just this weekend, so I'll get things a bit better sorted on my return.
Mark McG replied the topic: #373 1 month 3 weeks ago
Joe Gonzo is replacing Viridovilas in this tournament

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