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Historical Background
Much of Hannibal’s “genius” for warfare lay in his ability to take the measure of his opponents’ abilities and intentions. His opponent in 217 BC was Roman Consul Gaius Flaminius, a vain and incompetent patrician. Armed with this knowledge, Hannibal set a trap for his opponent by ravaging the countryside to spur Flaminius to action. True to form, Flaminius rushed headlong into pursuit of Hannibal, marching his army through the narrow defile next to Lake Trasimenus where Hannibal’s army lay in ambush. Hannibal posted his veteran infantry as a blocking force, hiding his light infantry and cavalry in the hills. As the day of battle dawned, a heavy mist covered the area. Flaminius further aided Hannibal’s plans by neglecting to send out scouts. The Roman vanguard stumbled into the Carthaginian blocking force and the battle was joined. Almost immediately, the ambushing Carthaginians descended from the hills and fell on the Roman column before the soldiers had enough time to deploy. Flaminius died early in the fighting; more than half of his army died along with him, either in the desperate fighting or drowning trying to escape. It was noteworthy that the only portion of Flaminius’s army to escape intact was the vanguard – those soldiers fought their way through Hannibal’s best infantry to do it. It surely was not through lack of bravery that the Roman army met disaster at Lake Trasimenus.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

War Council

Carthaginian Army
Leader: Hannibal
9 Command Cards
Move First

Roman Army
Leader: Flaminius
5 Command Cards      

11 Banners

Special Rules
• Lake Trasimenus is impassable.
• The five steep hills hexes on the right side of the battlefield, as noted, are impassable terrain.

Play Aid Suggestion:
Put several other terrain hexes below each of the five “steep hill” hexes. Making them “taller” will serve as a visual reminder that these hexes are impassable, while the other hill hexes are treated normally.


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esparver73 replied the topic:
4 years 2 weeks ago
The Romans started bad with their left wing shattered and unable to deploy on the right, with Carthage taking a 7-3 lead, but then some light cavalry charges against the legions turned into several Carthaginian units destroyed and in the Roman right the heavy units took the upper hand. In the center Carthage was slow to launch the warrior units and the Romans managed to score the last points against the cavalry that had not retired.
mmccalpin replied the topic:
4 years 10 months ago
Er, that was an 11-7 victory just below....
mmccalpin replied the topic:
4 years 10 months ago
11- Carthaginian victory at Consimworld Expo 2019 in Tempe, Arizona, USA. Though the end was a bit of a runaway, it was much closer earlier on, and only one Roman was destroyed by being retreated off the map or into the lake. A lot more challenging and fun than I expected.
mk20336 replied the topic:
6 years 3 months ago
Very interesting and long battle, with narrow win by Carthage 11-9.
I put full description of the game here:
as it was also my last CCA official scenario to play :)