Victory Results:
 22 %
Record a victory for BOTTOM ARMY  78 %
Total plays 9 - Last reported by Malonah on 2021-04-25 12:23:58

Historical Background
The battle or, more precisely, the battles of Croton in 204 and 203 BC were, as well as the raid in Cisalpine Gaul, the last larger scale engagements between the Romans and the Carthaginians in Italy during the Second Punic War. After Hannibal’s retreat to Bruttium due to the Metaurus debacle, the Romans tried continuously to insulate his forces from the Ionion Sea and cut his eventual escape to Carthage by capturing Croton. The Carthaginian commander struggled to retain his hold on the last efficient port which had remained in his hands after years of fighting and was ultimately successful.
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The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

War Council

Carthaginian Army
Leader: Hannibal
Take 5 Command Cards      

Roman Army
Leader: Sempronius Tuditanus, Publius Licinius Crassus
Take 5 Command Cards      
Move First

6 Banners

Special Rules


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GF1954 replied the topic:
5 years 8 months ago
Carthage defeats the Romans 6-4. It was a slugest in the center with the two lines, until a Carthage heavy infantry broke through on the Roman right flank and took out 2 complete units with rolls!
Mark-McG replied the topic:
7 years 3 months ago
I think Hannibal having 6 Command might bring this back a bit. Play is pretty close here, despite the record. Rome won 6-4 in my game.