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Historical Background
King Darius I of Persia sent an expedition against Athens in reprisal for the burning of Sardes in 498 BC during the failed Ionian Revolt. The Persian fleet under the joint command of Datis and Artaphernes landed near Marathon bay, which offered a perfect battleground for their troops. The Athenians marched out to face the enemy in the field, with 1000 allied soldiers from Plataea supplementing the Athenian force of 9000. The Persians outnumbered the Greeks, but to counter the disparity, Callimachus extended the Greek line to match the enemy, thinning the center while keeping both wings at full strength. The Persian army, with its best troops in the center, was taken by surprise when the Athenians attacked. Historians suggest that the some of the Persian cavalry was in the process of embarking back onto the ships when the attack started (it appears that the Greeks had waited for days before actually lining up for battle). In the battle the Persian center got the best of the weak Greek center and broke through, but this success was more than countered by the defeat of their two wings. The victorious Athenians then swung inwards and the Persian force was routed back to their ships. Concerned that the defeated Persians might still sail around to threaten Athens, Callimachus marched the Greek army back to Athens in “record time,” (which is the true “Marathon race.”) When the Persian ships reached Athens, they found an army waiting for them on Phaleron beach. Greece was safe, for now.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

War Council

Greek Army
Leader: Callimachus
8 Command Cards
Move First

Persian Army
Leader: Datis
7 Command Cards 

10 Banners

Special Rules
• Stream is fordable.
• The sea and hill hexes are impassable.


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mk20336 replied the topic:
4 years 1 month ago

Our recent Marathon game report - main actions of our game – very similar to actual historical events:
- Greek right commanded by me immediately moved forward with two double times; whoever was not able to evade was obliterated by my Heavy Infantry.
- exactly same fate awaited Persians on the other wing – quick hits, tons of causalities inflicted by my compatriot Hoplites.
- our opponent of course counter-attacks in the center; he manages to pull the result from 4-9 to 9-9; he does it despite his leader being killed at the beginning of the game!
- the last turns of the game was a Greeks chase for that 1 Victory Banner needed to defeat Persians; it was hard to get – light Persians were evading on their left and what is more, obliterated almost whole center!
- In the end timely played I am Spartacus finished the game; great play by our opponent who managed to really well defend plus do a great counter-attack; bloody battle with almost 50 blocks lost on each side.
esparver73 replied the topic:
4 years 1 month ago
The Greek right quickly dispatched the light Persians. On the left there was a tie with the archers causing many losses on the Greek ranks. In the center the Persians devastated the Greek line and quickly routed them. But with all the units on the left gone, the Persians took too many casualties and lost 10-7, with many Greek units reamaining at one block.