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Historical Background
In 207 BC Rome has a big problem—Hasdrubal and his army from Spain are in northern Italy, advancing to combine with Hannibal and possibly win the war. The Carthaginians have a problem too. The Romans know Hasdrubal is coming, but Hannibal does not. To the south, the Consul Nero and his army remain close to Hannibal's army. Taking a daring risk, Nero leaves part of his army to convince Hannibal that nothing is happening. Making an epic forced march, in six days he joins the Romans opposing Hasdrubal, giving them an edge in numbers. Hasdrubal tries to retreat, but the flooded Metaurus blocks his way. He must stand his ground with his reliable Spaniards and Africans, and his rapidly deserting Gallic ‘allies.’ Nero is also the hero of the battle, marching his elite troops to fall upon the exposed Carthaginian right. The Carthaginian line crumbles; most of the reliable infantry is slaughtered, and Hasdrubal, seeing the battle is lost, rides into a Roman formation to his death. Returning south, Nero now lets Hannibal know the true situation—he has Hasdrubal's head tossed into Hannibal’s camp. This decisive battle marked the beginning of the end for Hannibal in Italy and for Carthage's chances of winning the war.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

Carthagian OOB: gallic, liguri, spagnoli e africani; in all a force of some 30.000 men.
Romans OOB: The Roman Army was composed of the 4 legio, maybe some 40.000 legionaries .
Scale: Each Roman unit represent about 1500 infantry or 300 cavalry. Each block represent about 400 infantry or 200 cavalry.
Each Carthagian unit represent about 1250 infantry.
Each block represent about 300 infantry, 200 cavalry and 2/3 elephants.

War Council

Carthaginian Army
Leader: Hasdrubal
Take 7 Command Cards  .
Move First .

Roman Army
Leader: Nero
Take 9 Command cards.

Roman: 14 Banners
Carthaginian: 12 Banners

Special Rules
The River Metauro is impassable.

Until one of 3 units Gallic Warrior is attacked, which is close or ranged combat, they are NOT active. In any case, the beginning of the 10th round of Carthage, the units become active. (the 3 units to represent the Carthaginian reinforcements who arrived tired at the camp of Hasdrubal, historically many people of this quota were killed in their sleep ... ...).

The Roman player at the beginning of the game, can get both units in the red rectangle, off the map. They can enter the map at the beginning of round 5 game Roman, from any hex map in the left sector reported by Roman arrows.

Elephants always just throw 2 dice, against ALL Roman armies (the two units are about 10 elephants, a small number compared with about 2000 men of a Roman units).

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Mark-McG replied the topic:
4 weeks 19 hours ago
From Polybius;
2 None of these things were agreeable to Hasdrubal, but as circumstances did not admit of delay, for he saw the Romans already in battle order and advantage, he was obliged to draw up his Iberians and the Gauls who were with him. 
3 Stationing his elephants, ten in number, in front, he increased the depth of his line, making the front of his whole army very narrow, and then taking up his position in the centre behind the elephants fell upon the enemy's left, having determined either to conquer or die in this battle. 
4 Livius advanced to meet the enemy's attack in an imposing fashion, and on encountering them with his army fought gallantly. 
5 Claudius,​ who was stationed on the right wing, could not advance and outflank the enemy owing to the difficult character of the ground in front of him, relying on which Hasdrubal had attacked the Roman left, 
6 but when he found himself thus at a loss owing to his forced inaction, circumstances suggested to him what ought to be done. 
7 Having therefore collected his men from the right wing in the rear of the field he passed round the left of the Roman camp and attacked the Carthaginians in flank where the elephants were. 
8 Up to now the victory had been disputed, for the men fought on both sides with equal bravery, as there was no hope of safety either for the Romans if defeated or for the Spaniards and Carthaginians. The elephants too had been of equal service to both sides in the battle; 
9 for as they were shut in between the two armies and tormented by missiles, they threw both the Roman and the Spanish ranks into confusion. 
10 But as soon as Claudius​ fell on the enemy from behind, the battle became unequal, as the Spaniards were now attacked both in front and rear. 
11 In consequence they were most of them cut to pieces on the battle-field. 
12 Of the elephants six were killed with their drivers and the other four having forced their way through the ranks were captured afterwards alone and abandoned by their Indians.
alecrespi replied the topic:
4 weeks 21 hours ago
I think these details are not reported correctly neither on the scenario page nor in the Vassal setup.

The Roman player at the beginning of the game, can get both units in the red rectangle, off the map. They can enter the map at the beginning of round 5 game Roman, from any hex map in the left sector reported by  Roman arrows.

Sadly I'm missing the original scenario file.
Can you please tell me what to add?
Thank you
bartok replied the topic:
4 weeks 21 hours ago
Something about the roman reinforcement (red rectangle) in round 5 Giancarlo Ceccoli? I would like to play the battle....correctly.

Now, we have: 
Carthaginian: 5 LS, 2 E, 4 A, 4 M, 3 W, 4 H, 4 LC =26+3L   

Roman: 8 LI, 8 A, 8 M, 4 H, 4 MC =32+ 3L
Mark-McG replied the topic:
1 year 2 weeks ago
the Metaurus battle seems particularly ill-served by scenarios, admittedly it is a confusing one in the sources, and difficult to simulate in C&C (esp. Epic) because of Nero's march from one flank to the other. However, it is one of the most important battles of the 2nd Punic War, so it would be good to see a better scenario, based on the account of Polybius*.html
and to a certain extent Livy

both have Claudius Nero on the right flank, and then moving to the Left flank, apparently behind the Spanish troops on the Carthagian Right

RiverWanderer replied the topic:
1 year 2 weeks ago
"The Roman player at the beginning of the game, can get both units in the red rectangle, off the map. They can enter the map at the beginning of round 5 game Roman, from any hex map in the left sector reported by Roman arrows."

I don't see a red rectangle. Perhaps this scenario page is missing something ?