OT2022 Round 2

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Cap vs EZPickins

Game 1
Cap (Carthage) 8
EZPickins (Roman) 5

Game 2
Cap (Roman) 8
EZPickins (Carthage) 5

I haven't seen a more aggressive commander than EZPickins so far. Attack flows through his veins. 
In game 1 EZPickins commanded the Romans and tried but failed to steamroll my spread and weak left flank and centre. His maneuver failed 1st - because I hurriedly withdrew all units I could to form an improvised defense line; 2nd - he was plagued by poor dice for most of the two battles. He needed to roll 4 times of 4 dice to kill a single auxilia in the centre. He managed to conduct a final race towards the base line of my left flank, but the light cavalry finally did something useful, unlike being free banners for my opponent. The Numidians (alongside one of my battered warriors) managed to take down a light infantry unit to bring me the eight victory banner.

In game 2 EZPickins again started attacking from the first move with everything available he had. This allowed me to defeat in detail several of his units early in the battle. During the battle's climax, a brilliant surprising charge by just 2 of his light cavalry units managed to wipe out 3 of my medium infantry in a single turn, cutting my right flank to pieces (don't ask how that happened). Typical for my style, I quickly reformed my battered units, turned them around, and attacked (again). With some clever micro tactics I managed to successively surround and destroy two of his units to get the victory.

Thanks to EZPickins for the battles. He made me work hard for each victory banner I gained. Wish him good luck ahead in the tournament.

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1 year 10 months ago #4261 by taliapharaoh
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Travis vs. Gonzo, Round 2

Game 1: Gonzo (Romans) 8, Travis (Carthage)  7

Game 2: Travis (Romans) 8, Gonzo (Carthage) 3

In game 1, the battle shifted back and forth a number of times, but the Roman aggressive moves culminated in a desperate m-f-m to end the action, a very close affair.

In game 2, the Romans again were able to press the Carthage center/left and force them to react.  The dice and cards favored the Romans, who were able to again move units off the map, as well as take out just enough units to get a victory.

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1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #4262 by Marco
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Game 1 Marco (Romans) 8, RiverWanderer (Carthage) 3.
Game 2 Marco(Carthage) 8, RiverWanderer (Romans) 4.

Game 1 The Romans immediately started forward and right. The Carthaginians responded with a mixture of missile fire and auxiliary action, costing early losses on the Romans. The Romans continued pushing forward center and right, leaving the Carthaginian Leaders and Med/Hvy units on the left flank and behind. Excellent tactics by the Carthaginian Light Cavs on the right flank late in the game took a Roman Light Infantry, but they were ultimately chased from and then followed off the field for the Roman victory 8-3.

Game 2 The Romans began with much Light movement and heavy missile fire, causing Warrior damage. The Carthaginians responded by withdrawing Hasdrubal and forming their center line, but also advancing Leader Mago from the left. The Romans continued their missile barrage with a Move-Fire-Move, and then advanced their Lights in a forward line, away from Scipio. Again Hasdrubal shifted his line, this time linking up with Mago. The Romans then made a series of internal movements while the Carthaginians advanced with both Leaders in unison up the Center and Left. Ultimately Scipio had to hasten back to the Left to try to stop Mago, who had moved in with his group of HI, 2 MI, and AUX. Although there was much maneuvering before units began to be lost, things moved quickly once they started. Although Scipio's initial clash with Mago looked positive, a Rally brought the Carthaginians back and the banners began to fall. The two Leaders actually faced one other, each attached to a HI. In a dramatic series of turns, Scipio lost his HI, retreated to his other HI, and then wiped out Mago's Hi and MI. Mago had to retreat, then came roaring back with a Double Time, both Warriors screaming three hexes down the center of the battlefield to slaughter the Heavies out from under Scipio and forcing him to personally evade off the field. Although the Romans were poised to exit units off the board, the Carthaginians continued advancing through the center of the battlefield and secured the Victory 8-4.


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