New scenarios make a great Christmas present!

7 years 11 months ago #1252 by Achtung-Panzer
Thanks to Jim Duncan for his new scenarios which will fill the Christmas gap until the Spartans arrive next year!

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7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #1256 by The-Admiral
You are very welcome. Also my thanks goes to Alessandro for his work in converting them into vassal format.

Some notes on the scenarios are as follows:

Baetis Valley and Tader River are straight conversions from the GBoH scenarios, or my interpretation of them anyway.

With Cabala I have tried to follow the GMT Cronium scenario as closely as possible. I made a real study of the GBoH scenario of Cronium in the Tyrant module and compared it to the C&C Ancients scenario of Cronium. I then tried to convert the GBoH Cabala scenario in the same way.

The Stratonicea battle takes the same OOB as Aristonicus had in my Leuce battle but he is now disorganised and is facing a standard Roman army, not the rabble of allies as before.

Aebura is my best interpretation from the sources. The camp tile represents Aebura with its garrison.
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