607 Mycale (479 BC)

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607 Mycale (479 BC) was created by Alessandro Crespi
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1 year 7 months ago #2900 by Stanislav27
Replied by Stanislav27 on topic 607 Mycale (479 BC)
Game #1:

Stanislav (Persian): 5 banners
Михаил (Greek): 1 banner

The Greeks attempted a courageous charge across the Gaison River, concentrating on the right side of the battlefield. The Persians, meanwhile, employed their superior ranged power to shoot and withdraw, drawing the Greeks closer without committing to close combat. The Persian archers were accurate (good dice!) and the Greeks suffered considerable losses before melee ensued. The weakened units were dispatched and only one Persian auxilia unit was dispersed from the field.

The Greeks tried to regain the initiative by pushing in the right as well as on the left, but the Persians withstood the pressure. Perilaus perished in his valiant charge and Tigranes ended the battle by destroying the fourth hoplite unit.


Game #2:

Михаил (Persian): 3 banners
Stanislav (Greek): 5 banners

The Greeks started with good Line Command and Order Medium Cards. But the intiative was snuffed out by a demoralizing Darken The Sky on the first Persian round. There were remarkably few casualties, but the Greeks were pushed back - especially on the left side of the Athenian formation. The Greeks regained their composure and pushed on - focusing on the coastside part of the Persian army. The projectiles kept raining on the Greek warriors, however, and a well-timed First Strike from the Persians halted the Greek assault.

The Spartans sought to aid their beleaguered comrades and made some progress. However, the Persian commander cleverly shifted Mardontes and his infantry over to the right, ensuring a relatively even battle for the hills.

In the meantime, Xanthippus and his men pushed their way all the way to the Persian camp, killed a depleted auxilia unit and sought to destroy Artayntes' 1-block unit. The latter, however, were behind the safety of their fortified camp, disregarded the Greek sword roll and dispersed the phalanx on the battle-back. Xanthippus barely escaped the debaccle.

The Greeks now concentrated on their left, seeking to roll up the Persian flank before the Athenian formation was obliterated by firm resistance on the far bank of the river. The Spartans distinguished themselves, crushing both units of Ionian levies before dispatching Mardontes' Persian infantry. One of the Spartan units perished, and the Persians were chasing both Xanthippus and a depleted Athenian phalanx on the far right of the battlefield. Leotychides saw his chance to rout the Persian army and took it. With a lonely Double Time, the Spartan unit and their commander closed in on the fleeing Mardontes and finished him off. This was the final blow for the Persian army.


Thanks to Михаил for two very tense and challenging battles. Especially in the second battle, I felt hard-pressed and felt that I didn't take full advantage of my good cards, with my right-side charge halted in its tracks. The Spartans proved their worth however.

Overall, a very interesting scenario, with the terrain allowing the Persians to fight a very even battle with the hoplite-heavy Greek force.

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9 months 1 week ago #3173 by GF1954
Replied by GF1954 on topic 607 Mycale (479 BC)
2 solitaire games with different outcomes. In the first, the Greek won 5 - 4 in a see saw battle. The Persians were able to hold the river line for a time, until the Spartans got involved in the battle, like the actual battle more or less. But in the second, the Persians did hold the river line on their left flank defeated the Greeks 5 - 3. I think this scenario is very well balanced.

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