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14 years 4 months ago #361 by HawkmoonVonKoln
Hi, everyone !
Let me tell you about an italian band called "Holy Martyr" which lyrics are about the battles of Antiquity :
They have made 2 albums :
- "Still at War" with these songs :
Legion's Oath (March of the Legionaries)
Vis et Honor
Ares guide my spear (Hellenic warrior spirit)
Hatred is my Strength
From the North comes the War
Hadding Garmsson (Son of a King)
Ave Atque Vale

- "Hellenic Warrior Spirit" with these songs (based on the Thermopylae battle) :
Spartan Phalanx
H'Tan H'Epi Tas
Hellenic Valour
Kamari, Andreia, Polemos
The Call to Arms
Molon Labe
Defenders in the Name of Hellas
The Lion of Sparta
To Kalesma Sta Opla

They have done a great artwork (music, lyrics and also the covers of the albums)...
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  • alecrespi
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14 years 4 months ago #362 by alecrespi
Replied by alecrespi on topic Re:Music for gaming
Hi "Hawkmoon",
thank you for your suggestion.

I strongly point also to The Official "Rome Total War" Soundtrack (composed by Jeff Van Dyck).

Here it is the tracklist
* 1. Journey to Rome Part I
* 2. Carthage Intro
* 3. Warrior March
* 4. Mayhem
* 5. Barbarian Victory
* 6. Rome HQ
* 7. Eastern Intro
* 8. Caesars Nightmare
* 9. Enemy is Near
* 10. Imperial Conflict
* 11. Lost Souls
* 12. Egyptian Intro
* 13. Death Approaches
* 14. Divinitus
* 15. Contemplation
* 16. Drums of Doom
* 17. Roman Intro
* 18. Army of Drums
* 19. Melee Cafe
* 20. Arabic Victory
* 21. Autumn
* 22. Mobilize
* 23. Romantic Battle
* 24. Barbarian Domination
* 25. Arabic Winter
* 26. Rome Total War
* 27. Greek Intro
* 28. Arabic Summer
* 29. Soldiers Chant
* 30. Journey to Rome Part II
* 31. Roman Celebration
* 32. Epic
* 33. Forever (Rome Total War)

Perfect background music for playing great CCA games.

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12 years 7 months ago #897 by banku111
Replied by banku111 on topic Re:Music for gaming
you can just go to sites like downloads n l or you can go to those free music download sites on the psp and then when it says do you want to save the file, save it into your music folder. ig you want free games you can get flash games from miniclip or any other flash game website...another alternative that is really great is

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7 years 2 months ago #1486 by gcoladon
Replied by gcoladon on topic Music for gaming
Hello, I'm new to the game and to the forum, but when my son and I were playing C&C last night, the only relevant music I could find on my CD shelf was the Light Cavalry Overture. So, the Rome Total War soundtrack is a great alternative.

I thought I would share my own technique for using that music. You can find the soundtrack online at
, can download the video using this tool,, and can convert the video from mp4 to mp3 using this tool: I play the resulting MP3 in our family room stereo system using a thumbdrive in the USB slot.

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