1 month 4 weeks ago - 1 month 4 weeks ago #52424 by Alister
Replied by Alister on topic Round1
Match 1

Alister (Vitellian) # 5 banners won

Gileforn (Othonian) # 2 banners won

I'm lucky

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Match 2

Gileforn (Vitellian) # 5 banners won

Alister (Otonian) # 4 banners won

I was not lucky

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1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #52807 by Javelinthrower
Replied by Javelinthrower on topic Round1
Match 1
Javelinthrower (Vitellian)  3 banners won
Lornlane (Othonian)  5 banners won

The Othonian right flank was the central point of this fight. Vitellian advanced quickly with Double Time w/ 2 Heavy and 3 Aux in tow and quickly eliminted 2 Medium units. The Otho player moved the Praetorians to the right flank. The Light units were too lucky with shots and scored two "1 Red, 1 sword" results in a row, halving the front Heavy units which was easily deastroyed by Ptaetorians. The Aux followed. After that Praetorians survived the attack of the only Heavy unit and destroyed both it and its leader before finally being killed. At this point it was clear that Lornlane won the game, but still the fight moved to the unified center/left flank, which both sides united into one. The sides clashed and the dice were equally wild, but still favored the Otho player, as the Vite side needed to socre two banners and any flag which allowed the enemy to willingly retreat out of harms' way was basically fatal.

Match 2
Lornlane (Vitellian)  2 banners won
Javelinthrower (Othonian)  5 banners won

This time the dice and cards yet again favored the Othonian side. Lornlane similarly advanced their left flank, but lacked the cards to close the entire distance. Meanwhile I moved the entire center to the right to connect with the right, while locking in with the frontline of the enemy with my Praetorians. Next turn I played Line Command for a full-scale attack, inflicting heavy casualties. The opponent then played Counter Attack and attacked back. After that I, too, played a Counter-Attack. As a result most of the Vitellian left flank was fully annihilated. Also at the center the edges of my line were in close proximity with the centre units of Lornlane. He advanced uncautiously and my Warriors, supported by Heavy and a Leader, tore into them, just to break against them. The Leader was lucky to espace with the 1-Hit Heavy unit. My hand was burdened by useless cards: 2 Move-Fire-Move, One Mounted Charge. The time has come to play Clash of Shields: Praetorians attacked the 2-Hit Light Infantry, it evaded but still I scored exactly two hits and won a close victory this time.

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1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #52820 by alecrespi
Replied by alecrespi on topic Round1
Match 1

Viridovilas (Vitellian) # 5 banners won
alecrespi (Othonian) # 3 banners won

25 turns full of maneuvers and ranged combat.
The "double time" cards (Vitellian) were decisive in making contact and clash the enemy infantry.
Among the victims there are only HI and MI on both sides.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #52946 by scipio1zama
Replied by scipio1zama on topic Round1
First Battle of Bedriacum - Match 1
Mike Stanley (Vitellius) – 5 banners – won
Joe Harrison (Otho – 2 banners

I started out planning to sweep down upon his right flank units, but he quickly stole a march on me with the help of a Double Time card and broke through in the center. I had to play catch up for quite a while, but I had good luck with the dice, especially when I went after the Praetorians with a light unit and then my MC and eliminated them.
I then drew my own Double Time and took a few turns setting that up while also trying to threaten his 1-block HI with my MC to distract him. The Double Time cost me a HI but cost him 2 MI and the leader Titianus for the win.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #52947 by scipio1zama
Replied by scipio1zama on topic Round1
I just posted my results, but I see nothing that invites me to attach the log file. Please advise. Mike Stanley.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #52970 by rams1984
Replied by rams1984 on topic Round1
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1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #53000 by ZOCCHI
Replied by ZOCCHI on topic Round1

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Really quick games

Game 1
Zocchi(Vitellian) #banners 5
Toganalper(Othonian) #banners 1
7 turns

Given the quantity of strong units, both armies chose not to try from a distance firing, but to shorten the distances to get closer to engage close combat. immediately the units quickly descend on the left side of both. the few command cards do not give the opportunity to react promptly, the double time card does its damage. A double mounted charge used, given by a smaller quantity of commands. But when a medium cavalry comes face to face with the Julian Legions .... game is done

Game 2
Toganalper(Vitellian) #banners 5
Zocchi(Othonian) #banners 3
6 turns

Same strategy for game 2 much closer to better fight using strong units. Othonian divides his army into three parts. Vitellian comes down from his left (already seen previously). Othonian try the ambush to the heavy: put them into the bottleneck and then hit them individually, and it works. That is, it partially works, until the Elite: Praetorians choose to kill themselves against a first strike. So the left flank of Vitellian defeat the Right side and Titianus dies as angry at the leader's death, they throw themselves headlong into battle defeating Vitellius. but the descent of the Vitellian in the right flank proved fatal for the Othonian.
"In rebus dubis plurimum est audacia"

thanks to Toganalper!
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1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #53134 by Mark-McG
Replied by Mark-McG on topic Round1
Match 1
David I (Vitellian)  5 banners won
Mark McG (Othonian)  3 banners won

The Othonians led most of the game, starting with luring the Vitellian cavalry into a First Strike ambush, and then a Double time up the middle. Then suddenly it went from 3-2 Otho way to 5-3 Vitellian. Having Titanus die on the field didn't help.

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Match 2
Mark McG (Vitellian)  5 banners won
David I (Othonian)  2 banners won

This match can be characterised as two groups of Heavy Infantry stalking prey, each armed with a Double Time card. I got in first on the Othonian Right.
Bunch of 5d attacks here.

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File Name: r1g2.vlog
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"I will either find a way, or make one."
attrib to Hannibal Barca
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1 month 2 weeks ago #53555 by kwofford
Replied by kwofford on topic Round1
Played a delightful pair of games vs. Cavie

Game 1
Othonian (Cavie) 4 Banners
Vitellian (Ken) 5 Banners
Cavie opened with general light skirmishing, while I reorganized my left flank.  Cavie responded by reorganizing/refusing his right, followed by my reorganizing my right. Cavie advanced in the center, as I continued reorganizing until I had a line across my center and left flank.  After an exchange of missile fire, I dropped a line command and advanced on his center.  Cavie evaded and reformed his flank, then we both took a few turns to reorder our lines. I threw a mounted charge to see if I could get any useful labor out of my lone right flank MC, who earned their pay by driving back the MI and HI on his left flank.  He responded with an advance that eliminated the evading MC, the first banner of the game.  I reorganized my right flank, while Cavie dropped another line command and closed to a hex of my center, grinding a poor velites into the dust for a second banner. I used a double time to advance my left flank on right. Vitellian's MI killed a medium and reduced the Praetorians to a single block before falling.  Vitellian survived to retreat to the waiting arms of the HI, and follow up to finish off the Cavie's weakened Praetorians, and weaken another HI to a single block.  A pair of timely flags allowed VItellian to cowardly skitter away, denying Cavie any vengence. Cavie then reorganized his weakened line as I followed. I came out a little better in the exchange of blows, with us each picking up two more banners.  The game was decided by an attack by a weakened MI and Titanius on my unsupported MI and center leader; I lost three blocks but stood fast, and won my last banner in a battle back.  Very tense game that went to the wire.

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File Name: OT24KenVCavie.vlog
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Game 2
Othonian (Ken) 5 Banners
Vitellian (Cavie) 1 Banner
We both opened by reorganizing our centers, then the Othonian right/Vitellian left, then the Othonian left/Vitellian right. Due to slightly better cards I had a full line across three sections, while Cavie had formed three groups with good internal mutual support. Then followed a fairly long missile battle, that finished with Cavie getting his line together and advancing on his left, refusing his right. I obliquely advanced my center into the gap between his left flank and center, and a general engagement developed with Cavie taking his first banner. I had been sitting on a first strike card since the initial deal, and dropped it to thwart his momentum attack on the Praetorians. Thereafter fortuna took a hard turn against Dan, with under-par rolls that left my center intact for a counter attack that won my first banner plus Vitellus. Dan advance his center in an attempt to recover the situation, but the bad rolls continued for him and I was able to counterattack and take three more units in rapid succession. Luck just was not on Cavie's side this game. 

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File Name: CavieVKen.vlog
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Cavie is a gentleman and a scholar, and I had great fun with this pair. 

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1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #53953 by Kandras78
Replied by Kandras78 on topic Round1
JawaNick (Vitellian) # 3

Kandras78 (Othonian) # 5

Othonian army tried to form up a line to brace for the pincer move of the Vitellian forces. Things looked dire for the bottom army when a counterpush in the center left Titianus exposed with his retinue shrinked to a single block. After against all odds a Darken the Sky played by the Vitellians caused no real harm, Titianus came back with a successful Rally! eliminating Vitellius. Both armies commited all their best troops to melee (ívitellian I am Spartacus! mirrored by Counter Attack). Dice were more kind to the Othonians this time.

Very tense and enjoyable game which could have gone either way.
A mysterious Vassal issue had really tried our nerves with my frequent disconnection from the game.
Was a pleasure to play with Nick. Really looking forward to the re-match.


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