X22 Deluxe Zama (202 BC)

14 years 1 month ago #4255 by alecrespi
“The Final Battle” Zama: 202 BC
Carthaginians vs Romans...

X22 Deluxe Zama (202 BC)

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2 months 1 week ago #4256 by apergis1@verizon.net
I submitted a post about this scenario a few years ago and it has disappeared.

I had a friend who loved COMMAND AND COLOR ANCIENTS and we played it all of the time. Our favorited scenario was "Zama". We must have played this one over a hundred times. We discovered some neat tactics for the elephants. As a result, the game was really competitive.

When I discovered this variant, we were anxious to try it.

This variant is hopelessly unbalance it favor of the Carthaginians. We must have played the scenario over twenty time and the Romans only won twice. Since the Romans do not get a flag destroying the elephants, the Carthaginian player does a suicide charge with the Elephants into the center of the Roman line. Before the elephants are destroyed, they can do enough damage to the Romans that they can never recover from it.

Maybe this is the way Hannibal wanted the battle to go.

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