OT2021 Round 4

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Game 1
Bangla (Romans) 6 banners
rjvonline (Britons) 4 banners

The Romans had little choice but to be patient early on, and they suffered to the range fire from the Britons.  A Line Command got them into the river, and a concerted attack on the right got them amongst the Briton defences.  Once over the ramparts it looked like a Roman victory but the Britons rallied in the centre and grabbed a couple of banners to bring the score to 5-4 before Rome could finally clinch victory.

Game 3
Bangla (Britons) 6 banners
rjvonline (Romans) 3 banners

Three Line Commands, the perfect cards for a well drilled Roman army.  The Romans were across the river in force, and the Briton line was under pressure everywhere.  The banners were even at 3-3 but the Britons were in full retreat and very vulnerable.  The Roman looked to have the game in the bag.  But a failed attack on an Auxilia unit on their left left a Roman MI vulnerable.  He was attacked by a 1-block Briton Auxilia who eliminated the unit, then killed the accompanying leader, and then attacked a 1-block Roman Auxilia in the rear.  An amazing win grasping victory from the jaws of defeat.  And those jaws were evident in the Roman hand with still a Double Time and 2 Medium Troops cards ready to be played.  The Romans would have won on their next turn for sure.

Two good battles against Renaud, played over Discord as well as Vassal.


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2 years 11 months ago #3981 by Polonus100
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Match 1

Polonus100 (Romans): 6 Banners

Dawnreader (Britons): 5 Banners

Wonderful set of cards 3 times of Line Command, 1 Counterattack and Clash of Shieds gave me victory despite good dice rolling and fierce counterattack by Britons. At 5-3 for Romans (after CoS) I had a chance to win last banner killing lone commander by Double Time of M infantry but without success. Lucky couterstrike by Caratacus gave Britons the chance but Romans first climb the hills ant this was decisive factor.

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Match 2

Dawnreader (Romans): 1 Banner

Polonus100 (Britons): 6 Banners

This time Romans had weaker cards than me before. All attacks were made against ramparts in central -left part of Britons OoB. But Britons had First Strike. Caratacus regrouped his guard there and made decisive stroke. Last two banners gained by Bowmen in Clash of Shields against enemy M downhill. Scapula died in this combat. Gloria victis! Thanks for fierce battles to Dawnreader.

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #3983 by mk20336
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Round 4 Game 1
mk20336 (Britons) 4 banners
taliapharaoh (Roman) 6 banners

As Brits I had all needed cards, pretty good strategy and some terrible rolls. Travis advanced quickly, well knowing that this is the best way to beat barbarians. I lost almost all my Warriors in various fights and had to accept defeat after concentrated attack in the center.

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Round 4 Game 2
mk20336 (Roman) 6 banners
taliapharaoh (Britons) 3 banners

A different game. As Romans I attacked immediately on left and right wings, being repulsed on one, and achieving break-through (as well as killing enemy leader) on second. There was couple of hilarious rolls for Travis, the tempo of the game was switching but in the end, Romans won again!

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Fantastic scenario, great opponent and time well spent!

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #3984 by spleen1980
Replied by spleen1980 on topic OT2021 Round 4
Round 4 Game 1
Cavie (Britons) 5 banners
spleen1980 (Roman) 6 banners

Round 4 Game 2
spleen1980 (Britons) 6 banners
Cavie (Roman) 5 banners

Both games were amazing, probably the best scenario of OT2021 so far.
In the first game my roman troops were blessed by an embarassing amount of luck during ranged fire: I think 70% of my ranged fire resulted in hits. An army of snipers.
I had good cards, good dice, everything. Cavie fought very very well, exploiting the hills, using a rally, retreating and reshaping the deployment of the britons and eventually managed to take 5 banners. Were it not for ranged fire, Cavie could have won easily.

While we played game 1 mostly in and around the two center-right and center-left ramparts, game 2 was fought only in the center-right part of the map.
This game was much more balanced. The romans were very aggressive and the game was uncertain until the very end. Cavie probably did not have the best cards, but he managed to deal damage pushing the britons down the hills and out of the ramparts.. The tide turned when I used a rally card and used a renewed 4-block warriors unit to attack a roman med infantry + leader: 4 dice, 4 hits.
After a few incredible dice rolls with no hits and some desperate attacks to win the battle, the game ended 6-5 for the britons.

I really want to thank Cavie for the good games and for his infinite patience with our different time zones.
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2 years 11 months ago #3985 by Stanislav27
Replied by Stanislav27 on topic OT2021 Round 4
Round 4 Game 1
Stanislav27 (Britons) 6 banners
Azzy (Roman) 2 banners

Round 4 Game 2
Azzy (Britons) 5 banners
Stanislav27 (Roman) 6 banners


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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #3986 by GomJabbar
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Game 2

GomJabbar (Roman): 6 Banners

stephent (Britons): 2 Banners

This second game started similar to the first with the Romans advancing boldly across the river on their right flank. One Roman Medium advanced too far and got surrounded and eliminated for the first Briton medal. The Romans retaliated with a Line Command on the now out of position Britons and eliminated a Warrior unit and their leader. The remaining Warrior on the Roman right was down to 1 block but attacked the full strength Roman Medium with a leader and paid the price. It was now 3 to 1 medals for the Romans. The Romans continued pushing on the right and reduced 2 Auxilia units down to minimal blocks. The Britons counter-attacked in the center with Caratacus and 2 Warrior and 2 Auxilia units. Another Roman Medium unit was defeated and a Light left with one block left but the Roman counterattack reduced Caratacus' Warriors down to 1 block and he had to retreat. A well-played Darken the Sky by Britons had terrible dice rolls. 22 dice were rolled and the only result was a flag on the 1 block Light unit which was actually quite beneficial in the end to the Romans, getting it out of harms way.
A final push by the Romans on the right eliminated the 2 battered Auxilia and forced a Light to flee to the board edge. The Britons then went into a hedgehog around Caratacus with a Double Time but to no avail. We had to adjourn the game at that point and then come back later for the finale. It was a very short finale. A Roman Counter-Attack card copied the Double Time and allowed the Romans to surround the 3-block Light on their board edge with a Auxilia and Medium+Leader. 7 dice needing 4/6 sides to score a hit were very good odds. The Light fell to the Auxilia's 3 dice. A win for the Romans.

Thanks Stephen for the games. That was fun!


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