ML06 Alesia VI (52 BC)

7 years 10 hours ago #3530 by alecrespi
ALESIA VI - 52 BCAttack of Mount...

ML06 Alesia VI (52 BC)

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2 years 6 months ago #3531 by Josiah
Replied by Josiah on topic ML06 Alesia VI (52 BC)
Played this game twice.

The first time I as the Gauls attacked the camp, and due to the defensive benefits of the camps I took heavy losses. The Roman player got several victory banners. I did succeed at taking one camp hex but the unit was down to one block and a Roman attack eliminated it. I didn't bring any of Vercingetorix' army in quickly. The Romans got a line of infantry on the rampart and blocked Vercingetorix' army from crossing it. This battle was a decisive victory for the Romans.

The second time I played Gauls again. I opened with a double time, and sent my warriors across the rampart by the war machine and eliminated it. I also worked on bringing in Vercingetorix' army. I didn't attack the camp at all to begin with. This worked much better. I eventually ran out of cards to bring Vercingetorix' army in, but was able to do so again later. None of his mediums saw combat. It was a vary close (12 - 11) victory for the Gauls.

The game seems unbalanced if you look at the board. However, it seems nearly balanced if the Gauls don't attack the camp first and work to bring Vercingetorix' army in.

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