C3i20 EPIC Adrianople (378 AD)

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The Battle of Adrianople, 378, is one of the...

C3i20 EPIC Adrianople (378 AD)

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The Romans assaulted the Goth center but the laager defense is too strong to take it easily and while there was some attrition the Goth wings crushed the Roman units. The final was very tight with a Goth victory 16-15.

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3 years 6 months ago #3626 by Tristelune
The assault agains the Goth center fail, but the roman wings fight hard and pusgh the goth cavalry out of board. The luck with dices help a lot. Roman victory 16-15.
Really nice fight

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1 year 1 month ago #4578 by Thermopylae
The Battle of Adrianople – 378 AD (Somewhere in modern day Turkey)

Battle 1
Roman Left (Gary) centre (Vince) and right (Paul) + overall Command
Goths Right (Andy P) Centre (Ian) and Left (Wayne) + overall Command

Battle 2
Roman Left (Ian) Centre (Andy P) and Right (Wayne) + overall Command
Goths Right (Gary) Centre (Paul) and Left (Vince) + overall Command

The night before the “Adrian Octopus” battle the Goths general Fritigern (Wayne) sleep was
disturbed with frightening visions.

He had seen a Roman attack on his camp. His men had assembled a laager (circle of Wagons) to
defend it but his cavalry were still some way off, when the Romans arrived.
The Imperial Romans hurled their pilums at his defenders on the Laager, fired their ballista at his
scouts posted in the trees and charged with their cavalry on his right. His light troops not protected
by the laager scattered and then the Roman cavalry charged some more cutting down his light
troops in the open. Parts of his own cavalry arrived only to be repelled by the Roman heavy cavalry
and then pursued and destroyed.

The Romans then advanced on the laager and the killing began. With a Clash of shields the Goths
threw back the first assault but further assaults followed. The Goths fought bravely but their losses
were higher than the Romans. His own cavalry on the left joined the battle but were thrown back by
Roman cavalry and he saw his own death (Wayne) cut down trying to rally the line. The fighting was
heavy and more desperate all across the line and the Goths dead mounted to the point of defeat.

Fritigern (now Vince) awoke this was not an Omen of defeat but a blessing from the Gods. They had
spoken directly to him telling him what he must do. Word was sent out to the cavalry still some
distance away to advance as quickly as they could, his field commanders must stand where the
fighting would be the heaviest and every Double Hard Bxxxxxds (DHB) the Goths could muster must
defend the Laager like their very lives depended on it. He would be ready for the Romans and
wouldn’t be surpri……..The Romans double advanced in the centre and crashed through the Goths
line. There were Romans on the laager before the Goths make-up was dry. Men were thrown into
the fight only to be met by a Clash of Shields (That was supposed to be a Goths move) and now
DHB’s were dying in their droves. Even weakened Roman units were advancing and destroying
entire fresh Goth units. It was every man for himself in a desperate battle for survival to defend the
camp until Entoyment closing time. But where were the cavalry?

With the battle slipping away from them before it had even begun the Goths left cavalry finally
joined the fray. A lone Roman cavalry unit had advanced and was vulnerable. Roman cavalrymen
heads would adorn the Goths spears before nightfall. Surrounded, cut off and outnumbered the
Roman unit saw off everything the Goths could throw at it.

The Goths centre was destroyed, it’s cavalry now disheartened and the Romans were inside their
camp. Now or never was the Goths last “ALL IN” move to try and turn the day. With only a handful of
Goths here and there and a couple of slingers with one stone between them. “ALL IN” became “ALL
OUT” and the Goths were defeated.
Rome: 2 Vs Goths: 0

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