308 Gergovia (52 BC)

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FAQs present for this scenario. CLICK HERE to read.

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9 years 10 months ago #1071 by King-Billy
Replied by King-Billy on topic Re:308 Gergovia (52 BC)
I played this twice against Pete the other night. Won it both times, once as the Romans and the other as the Gauls. This one is tougher than it looks. I think luck played a part in my first win, as the Romans. I didn't really have a plan other than to refuse the left so as not to be hurt by his reinforcements, and storm the centre.

A good mix of cards allowed me to do this. Pete thought it might be good to come off the hill and attack me while I was in the broken ground. This was not such a good idea. He could not present a solid line, so I could move some units forward to the open ground where I had an advantage, particularly with Caesar supporting them.

I got onto the hill, and Pete, desperate to distract me, threw in his reinforcements. We traded blows on the flank, but I still pushed steadily forward in the centre, causing losses and capturing my second camp to score a win.

As the Gauls I felt I had a better plan. I was going to hold the hill with a solid line, bringing forward my archers and warriors, and fire missiles until he attacked the hill. This worked spectacularly well, with me killing three block of one of his heavy infantry even before it could close to me. When he did close on the hill he was already weakened, and with my having three dice fighting down to his two dice (except the heavies with Caesar, 3 dice) I had the advantage. In fact Caesar paid the ultimate price of an adventurer, going down with a Gallic spear in his midriff!

I think this one is tough for the Romans if the Gaul player is patient. Let the Romans come to you, using as much missile fire as possible. It is hard to climb those hills against strong opposition.

The heavy bolt throwers played next to no part in either playing.


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9 years 5 months ago #1142 by Achtung-Panzer
I understand that a Victory Banner is not awarded for capturing the first Barbarian camp, but not sure whether you get 2 medals for the second and third. The rule says "the second or third enemy camp hex removed" but why would you wait until the third camp to give yourself a banner unless it gives a banner for itself? Surely in reality it is one banner only, to be gained after capturing the second camp?

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8 months 2 weeks ago #3340 by pmiranda-ancients
Alex, I'm afraid your FAQ link does not work.
I have one question about this special rule: "The four Gallic reinforcement units and leader may be ordered to enter the battle by playing any leadership card. When ordered, set the units on any of the 5 hexes indicated on the Gallic right with Vercingetorix attached to one unit. These units may not move further on this turn *but may battle*."

Assuming an Auxilia reinforcing unit is placed within firing range of an enemy (but not adjacent), can it fire or is only close combat allowed? If it can fire, does it fire with 1 or 2 dice?

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