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303 Lauron (76 BC)

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11 years 4 months ago #78 by Alessandro Crespi
303 Lauron (76 BC) was created by Alessandro Crespi
** This thread discusses the Content article: 303 Lauron (76 BC) **

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9 years 2 months ago #930 by King-Billy
Replied by King-Billy on topic 303 Lauron (76 BC)
Pete and I played this as the second scenario in our campaign. I was four banners up after the first game, and was feeling pretty cocky..... Pride go'th before the fall!

Pete went first and used the ambush force to attack my right flank, quickly killing my light bow, but my medium cavalry escaped. Again Pete's dice were not good, and he was showing some frustration. It did not last long.

You will see that the Romans have a single light unit and no heavies, with only two cavalry. Pete did manage to kill one of the cavalry, leaving me with one on the left flank away from anything.

Getting two Order Lights, one Move Fire Move, Two Cavalry Charge and two Order Heavies was therefore not the most useful hand to hold. Moving one unit at a time desperately trying to avoid Pete's relentless attack saw my right melt away. Finally got into a reasonable position with a reasonable card, Pete's medium cavalry charges on the left killing enough to win the game 7-2.

From a four banner lead to a 1 banner deficit. Humble is my middle name.

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1 year 2 months ago #2645 by Valvorik
Replied by Valvorik on topic 303 Lauron (76 BC)
A close battle, 7:6 victory for the Romans under Pompey

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