118 Beneventum (275 BC)

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4 years 2 weeks ago #1646 by ozzie
Replied by ozzie on topic 118 Beneventum (275 BC)
A 7-4 win to Pyrrhus with his phalanx and elephant sitting largely immobile for most of the game due to a lack of centre movement or Line Command cards. It ended up as a skirmish on both flanks with mounting casualties on each. Eventually the Epirote cavalry charged in and despite being destroyed they took out both Roman cavalry units and an auxiliary unit. A lone warband charged in and managed to weaken some medium foot but died in the attempt. On the Roman left the desultory skirmishing left all Pyrrhus' light infantry weakened and his light cavalry fled off the table when it was hit by 2 Retreats from shooting. The Roman medium infantry closed in on this flank to try and finish off the lights and a lone Pyrrhic medium infantry unit that had advanced unsupported. It almost worked with Pyrrhus lights fleeing to base edge to escape but the mighty medium unit inflicted one measly casualty and then double-helmeted the Roman general to redeem itself. Finally Pyrrhus played a Double Time card and one phalanx finished off both Roman medium infantry units to win the game. A close game. With the Pyrrhic heavy troops on the base edge it's a tough battle for the mighty phalanx. The Romans were actually ahead at 4-3 at one stage forcing Pyrrhic to commit piece-meal into fights rather than try and advance a phalanx or elephant unit.

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4 years 2 weeks ago #1648 by ozzie
Replied by ozzie on topic 118 Beneventum (275 BC)
A 7-4 win to the Romans this time. Pyrrhus manages to mobilise some of his phalanx and the elephant and get them moving. He then launched a left wing attack with the medium mounted supported by the elephant and light horse and light infantry. The Roman right went down fighting and Pyrrhus attempted to sweep round the remaining Roman infantry and finish it off, but failed to score more than one hit per unit. If one Roman medium infantry or the general fallen it probably would have been all up for them. The Romans now threw caution to the wind and just advanced the weakened medium and light infantry and it paid off. Both of Pyrrhus medium cavalry fell as did the elephant and a light infantry. It was back to 4-3 to the Romans in the blink of an eye. Pyrrhus now threw in the two warband and two phalanx but rolled badly and only took down one Roman medium infantry unit. The defensive counterattack by Romans took out both a phalanx and a warband in some devastating dice rolling. 6-4 to the Romans and Pyrrhus himself was retreating from his destroyed phalanx. The damaged Roman infantry advanced on the isolated Pyrrhic phalanx and it only took one triarii heavy infantry to roll their dice and destroy it. 7-4 to the Romans and a Pyrrhic victory to them - Pyrrhus still had two intact heavy phalanxes, 2 medium infantry and a warband whilst 5 of the 7 remaining Roman medium/heavy infantry units were down to only one or two blocks. Personally, I think 7 Victory Tokens is two few for this game. In future we will try 7 heavy or medium units destroyed or 9 in total.

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