Re-enacment of Callinicum: The Persians and Missile Fire

14 years 10 months ago #558 by Pete-M
At the annual society of Ancients meeting this Saturday, at Milton Keynes, England, the featured battle is Callinicum (531AD). Belisarius versus the Persians. The idea of the annual meeting is to attend a lecture on the chosen campaign and battle and then re-create it using different minatures rules. At the Scimitar club in Coventry we have been using C&C with minatures a lot - so we thought why not give this battle a go too.

Four of us from a club are going down in the morning to the event.

Anyway, we have had some discussions about how to best represent the units in the battle, especially Missile fire. Two issues about this: should medium/heavy C&C units representing Cataphracted Cavalry gain a missile fire capability. Secondly, by what mechanism should we make missile fire more effective?

It is a shame this battle is this year in a way as if the C&C coming out in the Summer we would have a more informed idea of where the system was going through the way it deals with the Persians.

Ideally it would be great if one of the designers or someone involved with the Summer C&C release could give us a heads up on how to adapt the rules for the Persians now. The battle will almost certainly get included in a write up of the day in the Society of Ancients Journal 'Slingshot'.

Any feedback received in the next seven hours after the posting of this message will be able to be applied to the reenactment.

Thank you for your help.

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14 years 9 months ago #575 by eques
I think this query applies to the earlier Persians - the Achaemenids - as well.

Historically the Persian/Median cavalry and many of their subject/allied contingents were proficient in horse archery but this is not really represented in the Greco-Persian scenarios, particularly Plataea.

I think the Plataea scenario should substitute Light Horse Archers for some of the MC units.

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14 years 9 months ago #586 by alecrespi
Hi eques,
if you give this mod a try you could report us the final result.
If you find it playable and enjoying I could add it as "variant" inside the relative scenario page.
Let us know.

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