After recent upload of new scenarios from Travis and Jim, I've decided to refresh CCA Vassal extension design and names.

Instead of having a single file every "20" scenarios, I've decided to group every scenarios from a single designer in a specific file.

instead of having UserMaps AC01-AC20and UserMaps AC21-AC40, you'll only have UserMaps ACxx.vmdx (Alessandro Crespi)

instead of having UserMaps JD01-JD20, UserMaps JD21-JD40, UserMaps JD41-JD60, UserMaps JD61-JD82 you'll only have UserMaps JDxx.vmdx (Jim Duncan)

I've done that trying to rationalize files structure. I hope you'll find it usseful.

From now on "versioning" will be more important because each extension filename will remain the same after each update.


Here you can find actual file structure:

Extension FileName



icon UserMaps ACxx (Alessandro Crespi) 1.1
  • UserMaps_AC01-AC20
  • UserMaps_AC21-AC40
icon UserMaps DCxx (Don Clarke) 1.0
  • UserMaps DC01-DC11
icon UserMaps GBxx (Greg Blanchett) 1.0
  • UserMaps_GB01-GB15
icon UserMaps JDxx (Jim Duncan) 1.5
  • UserMaps_JD01-JD20
  • UserMaps_JD21-JD40
  • UserMaps_JD41-JD60
  • UserMaps_JD61-JD82
icon UserMaps MMxx (Miguel Marqués) 1.0
  • UserMaps_MM01-MM15
icon UserMaps TTxx (Travis Taliaferro) 1.1
  • UserMaps_TT01-TT15
  • UserMaps_TT01-TT15

Each file should be saved in a subdir called C&CAncientsv3_ext (starting from the directory where you have previously saved main CCA vassal module called C&CAncientsv3.vmod).

Please let me know what do you think about it.