Can you confirm more hits than you originally rolled?

A: Yes. On the reroll, each die that rolls a burst will remove one tank silhouette token.

If an A7V uses Machine Gun Barrage to make its two attacks against a tank at a range of two hexes, does it get potential hits with Deadly Die results?

A. Yes. In regard to the A7V tank hitting on the deadly die side, at 2 hex range, when ordered by a Machine Gun Barrage. Simply put, we did not want to create an exception as to how the A7V tank will battle.

Do bogged down tanks battle with 1 less die for Ambush, Butt & Bayonet rolls?

A: Bogged Down Tanks when battling during the oppositions turn (Surprise Ambush or Butt and Bayonet) combat dice are reduced by 1.

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Decebalus replied the topic:
8 years 3 weeks ago
Yes. The game doesnt remember rolls of the past. (The answer was also confirmed by Borg on BGG.)