The Great War Mini-Tournament 7

Mix of scenarios

Rnd 1 140 - Niergnies - 8 October 1918
Rnd 2 260 - Battle of Malmaison (Laffaux Salient) - 23 October 1917
Rnd3 018 - Somme (Montauban 18th Division) - 1 July 1916
Rnd 4 MM06 Chaudun (31 May 1918)
Rnd 5 MM07 - Cantigny, May 28, 1918
Semi 130 - Cambrai (St. Quientin Canal) - 21 November 1917
Final 258 - Nivelle Offensive (Moulin-de-Laffaux) - 5 May 1917


Schedule of Games      
This table shows the match-ups and scenarios for each round.    
The Alpha Group will play the Germans and the Beta Group will play the Allies  
Preliminary Rounds – Deadline for completion  31-Aug-23  
Preliminary Rounds  
Round 1 Mark-McG 1 vs. 6 mirkobruner 140 - Niergnies - 8 October 1918
JimDauphinais 2 vs. 7 toganalper
gotigerssc  3 vs. 8 jrtracy


4 vs. 9 gdnuke 
EZPickins 5 vs. 10 rjvonline
Round 2 Mark-McG 1 vs. 7 toganalper 260 - Battle of Malmaison (Laffaux Salient) - 23 October 1917
JimDauphinais 2 vs. 8 jrtracy
gotigerssc  3 vs. 9 gdnuke 
Gonzo 4 vs. 10 rjvonline
EZPickins 5 vs. 6 mirkobruner
Round 3 Mark-McG 1 vs. 8 jrtracy 018 - Somme (Montauban 18th Division) - 1 July 1916
JimDauphinais 2 vs. 9 gdnuke 
gotigerssc  3 vs. 10 rjvonline
Gonzo 4 vs. 6 mirkobruner
EZPickins 5 vs. 7 toganalper
Round 4 Mark-McG 1 vs. 9 gdnuke  MM06 Chaudun (31 May 1918)
JimDauphinais 2 vs. 10 rjvonline
gotigerssc  3 vs. 6 mirkobruner
Gonzo 4 vs. 7 toganalper
EZPickins 5 vs. 8 jrtracy
Round 5 Mark-McG 1 vs. 10 rjvonline MM07 - Cantigny, May 28, 1918
JimDauphinais 2 vs. 6 mirkobruner
gotigerssc  3 vs. 7 toganalper
Gonzo 4 vs. 8 jrtracy
EZPickins 5 vs. 9 gdnuke 


Please report in the discussion box below in the form

Player 1 (German) X Medals XX Figures lost

Player 2 (Allies) Y Medals YY figures lost

and a short summary of the match

Please attach the logfile to the entry, usually by editing the entry after saving to add the files. 


German Group Banners Won Blocks Lost
Player # Player ID R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
1 Mark McG 6 4 6 4 3 23 2 21 23 29 29 104
2 JimDauphinais 6 7 6 7 6 32 16 13 27 13 1 70
3 gotigerssc 6 6 7 4 5 28 7 19 14 24 32 96
4 Gonzo 6 4 7 7 6 30 19 29 23 x 4 75
5 EZPickins 2 2 3 4 6 17 21 24 27 30 18 120
Allied Group Banners Won Blocks Lost
Player # Player ID R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
6 mirkobruner 0 7 3 7 0 17 17 10 19 11 13 70
7 toganalper 5 7 7 4 6 29 18 20 21 x 20 79
8 jrtracy 2 4 7 7 0 20 16 21 32 8 11 88
9 gdnuke 2 7 7 7 3 26 7 20 25 18 20 90
10 rjvonline 6 7 3 4 6 26 7 24 25 20 11 87


Semi Final

Semi-final Round Scenario
German Match JimDauphinais German1 vs. German2 Gonzo 130 - Cambrai (St. Quientin Canal) - 21 November 1917
Allied Match toganalper Allied1 vs. Allied2 rjvonline


Semi-finals Banners Won Figures lost
Alpha Match Game1 Game 2 Total Game1 Game 2 TOTAL
JimDauphinais 9 7 16 46 35 81
Gonzo 10 10 20 28 28 56
Beta Match            
toganalper 8 10 18   28 28
rjvonline 10 5 15   35 35



Final Round  
Final Match Gonzo

German winner vs. Allied winner

toganalper 258 - Nivelle Offensive (Moulin-de-Laffaux) - 5 May 1917

Play scenario twice, once as each side. Cumulative medal count determines the winner, with blocks lost as tie-breaker

Finals Banners Won Figures lost
Players Game1 Game2 Total Game1 Game2 TOTAL
Gonzo 4 8 12 27 19 46
toganalper 8 4 12 13 22 35


Congrats to Togan, a close finish..

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alecrespi replied the topic:
2 months 1 week ago
Posted here the 1st Game of the final...

Gonzo replied the topic:
7 months 1 week ago
Great War Final Game 2
Gonzo (French) 8 medals 22 figs killed
toganalper (German) 4 medals 19 figs killed

French start with mata hari and ditch a recon out of german hands. Two French recons start game with great draws to right side. Activated all units with Advance over top combat card with poor die rolls and tank bog right next to 2 Germans. German art on target repeatedly. They kill 2 other units and got a tank with long range and art fire. German art on target repeatedly. The 2 Germans die but now 4-2 German. Since Gonzo got only 4 medals first game, Toganalper only needed one more but forgot to play a recon as a medal. French then attack in center and Germans rush reinf from right to center, to lose two to tanks with overruns. Last German inf on left closes to prevent French from taking back row, but leaves him alive with 1 and succumbs himself to a Butt and Bayonet. French rolling now hot and German good luck runs out. French take all 3 trench lines and pin art with a 4 pt unit.

So final score is 12-12 medals and 46-35 figures. Toganalper wins! So the missed recon didn,t cost him the match, thankfully. A tightly played match and always fun with Samim.
toganalper replied the topic:
7 months 2 weeks ago

game 1:
ToganAlper (French) : 8 medals won :13 figures lost
gonzo(German) : 4 medals won: 27 figures lost

The French decided to attack without losing any time from the flanks. Using their specialized teams on both sides they pushed strong and managed to scare and send on of the machine gun units back to the baseline. Once getting into the first trench line, with some lucky card draws, the french managed to move fast and not to let the germans recover. The germans had only one medal from recon and one unit killed and it was 7/2, but the brave german field artillery, unlike the drunken reserve artillery guys, was able in one salvo to kill the adjacent full strenght tank unit, while being only one strenght himself. This took the score to 7:4.

At the very start of the next turn, the french was able to kill this very same unit even before the start of a central assault, using a three of a kind card. The total score was 8:4.

Which will make the next game very tense and exciting for both sides. As always it was a pleasure to play with gonzo and brush off the dust of our rules. This is definately the worst one written among all the very good ones of the other C&Cs. You can clearly see the difference a publisher can bring to the table. GMT versus ...


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File Name: TGWFinalto...me1.vlog
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gdnuke replied the topic:
8 months 4 weeks ago
Sorry for short notice guys. I’d like to play that final scenario of the tournament even though I didn’t earn it. Anyone up for a game tomorrow during the day? Friday evening and Saturday are tough for me, but I’m game to give it a go Friday during the day. I will check back here later tonight and again by 9:00 am Friday. I am on Central Time (USA). If that time doesn’t work, propose a time and I’ll get back to you.
Gonzo replied the topic:
9 months 6 days ago
Game 1 
Gonzo (Allies) 10 medals
Jim (German) 9 medals
Allied forces creeps forward with mediocre cards.  German sets up forward defense and shoots up Allied inf, then moves mortars forward to get the 1 pt units on back row.  Allied Tanks and inf make german forward defense pay as hardly any German reinforcements move up.  Germans came close, then Allies took objectives.  Very close

Game 2
Gonzo (German) 10 medals
Jim (Allies) 7 medals
Alllies quickly assault on left, killing both German inf and shortly after taking objective medals.  British left then stalls after crossing river.  German reinforcements move up while art and MG shoot up British right.  Bridge repaired and male tank crosses causing havoc.  German inf asault on it gets 10 misses for confimation and then they are shot to pieces, but Tank bogged into town.  On the next confirmation rolled two confirms and blew it up.  That was definately the deciding factor.  Thanks to Jim for truly exciting match.
JimDauphinais replied the topic:
9 months 1 week ago
"In the semifinal between Gonzo (Joe) and myself, Joe has prevailed. I won the first game as the CP and Joe won the second as the CP. However, he had the higher AP medal count in the two games."

I am sorry, but I mis-remembered the first game. Joe the first game as the AP (10 medals as the AP versus my 9 medals as the CP).
JimDauphinais replied the topic:
9 months 1 week ago
In the semifinal between Gonzo (Joe) and myself, Joe has prevailed.  I won the first game as the CP and Joe won the second as the CP.  However, he had the higher AP medal count in the two games.

He will post the report, but I have attached the logs below.

Both games were very fun and exciting.

File Attachment:

File Name: Game1-JimC...of2.vlog
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File Attachment:

File Name: Game1-JimC...of2.vlog
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File Attachment:

File Name: Game2-JimA...of1.vlog
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rjvonline replied the topic:
9 months 3 weeks ago
And he got the die rolls too :-) The Trench Raid was critical in allowing his unit to ignore the waterway.

Sadly, the details of Game 1 are lost to the fogs of memory (sorry!). My Allies won, 10-7, 10-8 or maybe even 10-9, but, in any case, Togan's capable Allies did better today, and so he will represent the Allied cause in the finals. Best of luck to him!

PS: if I find the log on my other computer I'll attach it. 
toganalper replied the topic:
9 months 3 weeks ago
Semifinal Round 1

ToganAlper (Germans) = 8 banners, 35 figures lost
RJV (Allies) 0 10 banners, 32 figures lost

It has benn 2-3 weeks that we played this one, rjv will report in detail. I just found the result from myt partial log file 

File Attachment:

File Name: part2.vlog
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File Attachment:

File Name: toganrjvon...gm2.vlog
File Size:235 KB

Round 2

Togan Alper (allies) = 10 banners , 28 figures lost
RJV(germans) =5 banners, 35 figures lost

İnitially the german artillery was quite effective, the allies had the cards toa advance on all sides, by first pushing the germans back and then with trench raid one bomber unit managed to kill 4 units on its own in couple of tunrs using surprise ambush, return fire and assault. I was quite lucky to get such a series of turns and right cards.

Thanks to rjvonline for a great match. I will try to represent the allied group in the finals against to either of the two very honoroble opponents, i.e. either gonzo or Jim.

Looking forward for the finals
Mark-McG replied the topic:
10 months 1 week ago

File Attachment:

File Name: Scenario30...917.vsav
File Size:122 KB

There is a deal of errata around this scenario
Please use this VASSAL Game Save file to correct all the issues
jrtracy replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago
Round 4 MM06 Chaudun 31 May 1918

EZPickens - Germans - four medals won, 30 figures lost

J. R. Tracy - French - seven medals won, 8 figures lost

This was an interesting scenario with French FT-17s (essentially Whippets) supporting French on the defense against a strong German force backed by a captured Mark IV Male.

John's opening bombardment really opened up his right/my left, and was pretty effective in general.  He seemed to have more cards on his left, however, and pushed hard on that side.  My infantry fought valiantly but died quickly; the FT-17 lasted a bit longer but bogged once and could not roll any flags for the much-needed bonus attacks, and ended up swarmed and pecked to death by landsers.

I had better luck on my own left, where the FT-17 moved forward into No Man's Land to terrorize the advancing Germans.  It killed three units before John brought his own tank forward to challenge it.  He then had terrible luck himself, scoring at least seven hits but no confirmations.  His last flurry was thanks to Storm of Fire - I replied with Counter Attack, hammering the Mark IV and following up with the needed confirmations to take it off the board.

With a medal in hand thanks to Recon, I was now just one away, so John opted for Rush & Rotation to swarm my trench line. However, this left a German Bomber unit behind my line in clear terrain with no retreat path.  I used Direct From HQ to activate enough units to guarantee its demise and grab the win.

Poor dice for John, along with what I suspect weren't great cards.  I had what I needed along with pretty good dice, except for that unlucky right flank tank unit.  I like the scenario - the FT-17 is a scandalously underappreciated design, given it anticipated the future of armored fighting vehicles more than any other WWI model.  Good fun with back and forth action.

Thanks Mark for setting this up - I'm glad a spot opened up so I could participate.  Thank you also to my opponents and their patience as I learned the module.  I have a handle on it now but the differences between it and the other C&C implementations left me a little at sea at times.  

Looking forward to more - good luck to those advancing to the next round.  Hope to see you on the battlefield again soon!
gdnuke replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago
Round 5 Cantigny
EZPickens (German) 6 medals won and 18 figures lost
gdnuke (Allies) 3 medals won and 20 figures lost

This was a tough game for both sides. Very few good card combinations for either side. The Allies got all the recon cards, slowing their advance, and the Germans always seemed to have cards for the wrong sector of the field. No really spectacular dice rolls either, just a slow grind of attrition and tanks that bogged down often. The Allies were able to take the town, but that required aggressive use of the tanks and flamethrower units. In the end, the Allies had killed two German infantry units and left others down to one or two figures, and had possession of the buildings, but the Germans killed both tanks, a flamethrower unit and a rifle unit. The game ended on an exciting all or nothing attack on a bogged tank that ended with two confirmed hits and a 6-3 win for the Germans. John earned a good win in a fun game!
toganalper replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago
Round 5
Allies (toganalper) :6 Medals won; 20 figures lost
Axis (gotigerssc): 5medals won; 32 figures lost

The Germns really tried everything to save the day on time. Bu eventhough they got 2 medals with recon cards, the thirs one did not came ontime. French really pressed on all sides. At the end they were only 3 german units left all only 2 strong. Still do not know how to add the lopg files in this system. It is so easy in the ancients
Gonzo replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago
Round 3
Gonzo (German) 7 medals 23 figures killed
Mirko (Allied) 3 medals 19 figures killed
Game played mostly in middle.  Start game bombardment blows holes in wire, British attack relentless with casualties on both sides.  First German trench line full of Tommies.  Mirko almost broke through to second trench row.  German finally gets breather to play a recon.  After several day break, German left flank and British right rush to breach.  Several Brits caught in open.  That, plus great German dice, particularly on critical 1 in 6 roll and art strikes plus one more recon put the Germans up.  I am afraid I used up a months worth of luck in the second half of this one.  Very fun game overall with generally useful cards and combat cards for both sides.   Used stretchers to save 1 pt inf on line.  Still not sure whether to use that card offensively or defensively.
gotigerssc replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago
Round 1
gotigerssc (German) - 6 medals; 7 figures lost
jrtracy (British) - 2 medals; 16 figures lost

This one is the story of a captured tank that just would not be defeated and that wreaked absolute havoc on the British lines. I claimed two tanks and the trench objective for 5 of the 6 medals.

Thanks to JR for the game and best of luck in his last match.
mirkobruner replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago

File Attachment:

File Name: Mir_EzPickins.vlog
File Size:213 KB
Round 2
260 - Battle of Malmaison (Laffaux Salient) - 23 October 1917
Mirko Allies: 7 Medals - 10 Fig. Lost
EzPickins Germans: 2 Medals - 24 Fig. Lost

Rolling Dice in Favour of the French!

With a massive initial attack on the left side of the Field, Officer leading the attack but being repulsed by a Stretch Bearer. The Second Wave of the Offensive saw the Tanks in motion and Blimey they were simply unstoppable (John was well aware!).

Cards were good and they helped the Tanks to unleashed the full potential of Machine Guns on the Germans' Trenches that could do nothing but to succumb.

On the Right they Wreaked Havoc! The Chamond Eliminated first a Marksman Unit, then the Machine Gun in the Bunker and finally paved the Way for the final assault of the Flamer that cleansed a Mortar Position for the Final Victory Flag.

I made it almost on the other side with an Officer Unit that was trying to cross the Enemy Lines, but close to freedom they were ambushed by a Bomber Unit that made them explode in a thousand pieces.
gotigerssc replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago
One correction to the result between me and Mirko. The figures lost are flipped - Mirko only lost 11 and I lost 24.
mirkobruner replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago
Round 4
MM06 Chaudun (31 May 1918)
Mirko Allies: 7 Medals - 24 Figures Lost
GotigerSSC Germans: 5 Medals 11 Fig Lost
Germans got to the Allied Trenches twice.
The First time they were repulsed by the rolling Tank, but the second they stayed! Thanks to the Allied FOO though, the French Were Able to Pound the Germans Pretty Good and in the end the strategy was victorious. A retreated Unit with Rush and Rotation was Hit on Target giving the Allies the last medal needed.

Thanks to Justin for the Game!
Mark-McG replied the topic:
10 months 3 weeks ago
about 5 days until the deadline, and 17 out of 25 games recorded. I suspect there are a few unreported matches out there, so please report them ASAP.
toganalper replied the topic:
10 months 3 weeks ago
Round 3 Somme
Winner : Allies (toganalper)

ezpickings (Germans) = 3 banners won; 27 units lost

toganalper (french) = 7 banners won, 21 units lost

French attacked fast, with direct orders from Hq and also using 2 assault cards from center and right coupled with the over the top cards. The dice luck was also with the Frenchies. Unfortunately, I can not add any of the logfiles. If ezpickins knows how to add in the Great War system plese do so.
jrtracy replied the topic:
10 months 3 weeks ago
Round 3 MM07 - Cantigny May 28, 1918 

GonzoJoe (German) - 6 medals, 4 figures lost

JR Tracy (American/French) - 0 medals, 11 figures lost

Joe and I paired off for Cantigny, which sees a powerful American infantry force supported by a pair of female Schneiders attack a thin German line.  Six medal target, with the Germans earning medals on recon cards and majority control of the three building hexes.

I initially worked the left and center, though the buildings were on the right - I figured getting into the trenches and a couple quick kills would set me up nicely for an assault on the town.  Unfortunately both tanks quickly bogged, and it fell to the infantry to carry me forward.

I gained the German Trench line, but Joe paired Storm of Fire and Machine Gun Barrage to shred my attack - one tank unit was destroyed.  Along with a Recon card and the town temporary medal, Joe was already up 4-0.

I was staggering, but not down yet.  I had a powerful combination myself, Rest & Rotation and Mata Hari, which crippled Joe's hand while bringing four desperately needed units into the German trench line.  Joe scrambled to meet the assault, but I was able to strike two building hexes with a chance to take control of the town and with it the temporary medal.  With a flamethrower unit attacking one hex and Lice in hand to play against the other,  I felt my chances were pretty good.  Sadly, I only took one.  

Joe wrapped up a well-played game with another Recon, alongside Messenger Pigeons.  Recon gave him his fifth medal, and he finished off a weakened unit of doughboys for his sixth.  I had a good hand and the units in place to make the most of it, but the sand just poured through the hourglass while I watched helplessly.  Well played by Joe, who combined relentless pressure and hot dice to close me out in record time.

toganalper replied the topic:
10 months 3 weeks ago
Round 2
German (Mark McG) : 4 banners won, 21 blocks lost
French( toganalper): 7 banners won, 20 blocks lost

The French really pushed very hard and fast to move forward. The dice lucks were also with the French
jrtracy replied the topic:
10 months 4 weeks ago
For some reason the site isn't letting me edit my post to add attachments, so I will do so here.  

jrtracy replied the topic:
10 months 4 weeks ago
Round 3 018 - Somme (Montauban 18th Division) - 1 July 1916

Mark McG (German) - 6 medals, 23 figures lost

JR Tracy (British) - 7 medals, 32 figures lost

This was an exciting, close game. My Tommies led off with a push across the front, but Mark was prepared, greeting me with Butt & Bayonet and following up with the killer combo of Storm of Fire and Machine Gun Barrage on his own turn. I was down ten figures to one lost by Mark before I finished my first cup of tea!

Mark pressed in the center with a Bomber-led unit that ran amok before succumbing. I began to make some progress thanks to Direct from HQ paired with Advance Over the Top - I could have gotten more use out the card by activating my mortars and MG units but didn't realize they were eligible. Regardless, it helped get several units into the German trench system.

I had a steady flow of great cards all game but Mark was able to piggyback on my good fortune thanks to a couple Counterattacks. However, I pressed hard on the left, using Trench Raid to get a Bomber next to a German mortar unit in his second line. The mortar stayed around for close combat on Mark's turn but suffered mightily thanks to Butt & Bayonet, which set it up for elimination the following turn.

I was at six banners to five for Mark as he played a Recon card and activated his artillery. The Germans score a medal on Recons, and a good targeting roll could have won the game here. Alas for the Kaiser, only one die found the mark. Now tied at six apiece, I paired Attack Centre with Mortar Barrage to finally kill the LMG-equipped unit that had been tormenting me all game.

Very tight session - I think it came down to cards in the end, where I was always able to do what I needed. Even a brief card drought would have been all Mark needed to close me out. Fun game, and I recall why I liked this particular C&C flavor so much.
Gonzo replied the topic:
11 months 1 day ago
Round 4
Gonzo 7 medals
toganalper 4 medals

Unfortunately I cannot find the figure count. Samim, do you have it?