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PHASE OF PLAY Play before a close combat when both units have a leader
TARGET both leaders
CARD EFFECT Prior to the close combat, players roll dice equal to Command cards held, including card just played. Player that played the Dragon card adds 2 dice. Player with most honor & fortune adds 1 die. Player's leader with greater status (status level: commander, mounted, foot, Samurai of name) adds 1 die. The most swords rolled eliminates enemy leader. No victory banner is gained, but 1 Command card is lost, selected at random. Honor & fortune is also collected on the roll. If tied, no leader is lost.
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Mark-McG replied the topic:
10 years 9 months ago
This was a great scenario. Samurai Battles finally getting up the unit numbers to suit the C&C system (or map size I suppose). 12 units per side on a standard board gives many more options over 8-9 units.