Full Name Sonderkraftfahrzeug 2 (Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101)
Class Light Vehicle
Movement 7
Armor Value 0
Vs Infantry (RNG / FPR) 0/0
Vs Vehicle (RNG / FPR) 0/0
Period 1941-1945
Theaters of Service
  • Eastern Europe
  • North Africa
  • Western Europe

The Germans used this light half-track motorcycle for a variety of utilitarian purposes, such as to lay communication cables, pull heavy loads, and carry soldiers through the deep mud. Later in the war, the Germans also used Kettenkräder as runway tugs for jet aircraft. It could attain a top speed of 44 mph. The German military used the type throughout the war. NSU Motorenwerke AG produced 8,345 between 1939 and 1944. Most saw service on the Eastern Front, but some also saw service in North Africa and Western Europe.

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