Full Name Carro Armato Medio 14/41
Class Heavy Vehicle
Movement 5
Armor Value 2
Vs Infantry (RNG / FPR) 5/5
Vs Vehicle (RNG / FPR) 6/5
Period 1941-1945
Theaters of Service
  • North Africa
  • Southern Europe

The 14.5-ton Fiat-Ansaldo Carro Armato M14/41 medum tank was a slightly improved version of the M13/40, intended as an incremental improvement that would not disrupt production. It differed from the M13/40 primarily in having a more powerful diesel engine, redesigned hull, and slightly increased armor. Fiat-Ansaldo produced 752 examples from 1941 into early 1943, and it began service in the North African theater in 1941. Unfortunately for its crews, the vehicle was unreliable and cramped, and caught fire easily when hit. Though considered obsolete upon entering service, out of necessity British and Australian forces in North Africa pressed many captured vehicles into service to fill the serious shortage of Allied tanks in 1941. After the September 1943 armistace, the Germans retained only one example of this type, but the fascist National Republican Army used them widely through the rest of the war, particularly for anti-partisan duties. Like the M13/40, the M14/41 carried one 47 mm cannone da 47/32 AT gun (L/32) in a fully-rotating main turret, and four 8 mm Breda mod. 38 machine guns (one coaxial; one in an anti-aircraft mount; two in the hull).

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