Full Name Elite Infantry
Class Infantry
Movement 4
Armor Value n/a
Vs Infantry (RNG / FPR) 4/2
Vs Vehicle (RNG / FPR) 1/1
  • Battle Hardened
Period 1940-1945
Theaters of Service
  • North Africa
  • Pacific
  • Southern Europe
  • Western Europe

"Elite Infantry represent battled-hardened units. More experienced and better equipped than Regular Infantry. These figures provide an effective punch against enemy squads, and will often be the spear tip of an infantry charge. Like Regular Infantry, Elite Infantry are ill-equipped to fight vehicles.

During World War II, standard Italian infantry firearms included the long-barreled 6.5 mm Carcano Fucile (“rifle”) Modello 1891 and later shorter-barrelled variants such as the Fucile di Fanteria (“infantry rifle”) Mod. 1891/38 and 1891/41. Other types of firearms included the 9mm Moschetto Automatico (“automatic musketoon”) Beretta Modello 1938 submachine gun.

This is the standard ToI unit representing this type."

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