Q: You set up your maps, and you have 7a 8a and 9a all in a row, in that order. Your division is allowed to set up on 8a. Does that include the tiles that are half 8a and 7a, or half 8a and 9a?

A: Yes, “shared” hexes can be used. See TOI: Scenario Guide, page 3, “Placing Starting Units”. 
Q: When we start a game, if a unit starts off on top of an objective, can we place a control token on it before the round starts to show it has been held?

A: Yes. See TOI: Scenario Guide, page 3, “Placing Starting Units”. 
Q: Can you deploy directly into entrenchments already on the board if they lay within your deployment area?

A: Yes, you sure can. 
The "At the Breaking Point" scenario:
The yellow bordered hexes are not clear terrain overlays (terrain overlays are marked with red borders). The yellow bordered hexes only mark the victory hexes. If you look really, really closely you can see woods underneath the heavy yellow tint.

The "Liberation" scenario :
According to John Goodenough (, the American Division 1 should have two Engineer specialization tokens and the American Division 2 should have one Engineer specialization token (this is in addition to the listed Flamethrower and Medic specializations). Also, the base game has insufficient hill tiles to set up the game and a substitute should be used.

The "Silence the Guns" scenario :
When the scenario refers to "control of the bunker" it actually means "control of the hex in which the bunker lies". There is no requirement to have a squad in the bunker to achieve the objective. 
"Stavelot Express" scenario:
There is a misprint in the number of units for the German Division 2. According again to John G (, it should read:
- 6 SdKfz 251 Half-Tracks
- 6 Squad Bases
- 12 Elite Infantry
- 4 Regular Infantry
- 2 Officers
- 3 Machine Gun Crews

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