Q: I have a question about a mortar which is in Op Fire…

A: Mortars cannot be in op fire mode. They have even written that on the unit reference sheet, clearly and not to be overlooked. If there are infantry figures in the squad with the mortar, the unit can be placed in Op Fire but, the mortar may not participate when the other figures fire.


Q: Is there a way to de-"op fire" units during the Action Phase?

A: No. However, there is at least one Strategy card that allows you to remove units from op-fire. 


Q: If you have a MG squad or two in Op Fire mode, and there are other non-MG squads in the area also in Op Fire mode, can one or more of those non-MG squads participate in a combined Op Fire attack against an enemy unit that moves into range/LOS without limiting the machine gun(s) to one Op Fire attack (becoming fatigued). I know that if you use any other figures that are with the MG on its squad base, than it is limited to one attack (becomes fatigued), but is that restriction also applied if other squads in the area combining their fire with the Op Fire? My gut says yes but I am unsure.

A: To answer your question, the MG squad is only fatigued if it uses Op Fire with non-MG units in the SAME SQUAD. This means that an MG squad (firing only the MG unit) can attack on Op Fire along with a separate squad of non-MG units without the MG squad becoming fatigued. (official response from FFG staff). The determination of whether a squad is fatigued after Op Fire is done for each squad independently.
Note that such attacks must all be against different targets, as a squad may only make one Op Fire attack against any one particular active unit during its activation (see page 32, TOI Rules of Play).


Q: If a squad in Op Fire takes hits will that fatigue it?

A: From normal fire, no, the squad remains in Op Fire, but with fewer figures. From suppressive fire, yes, the squad becomes fatigued because “a pinned or disrupted squad can never be placed into Op Fire mode: a squad in Op Fire mode that is pinned or disrupted is immediately fatigued.”(from sidebar on page 29).


Q: Does a unit in Op fire mode which is pinned/disrupted get fatigued?

A: Yes. page 29 of the rulebook under "Squad Conditions" where it says, "a squad in Op Fire mode that is pinned or disrupted is immediately fatigued."


Q: Can you fatigue units in Op Fire mode?

A: No, you cannot fatigue units in Op Fire mode - they stay in op fire mode until they are pinned or disrupted, or they make their attack (except for machineguns).


Q: Is it possible to Op Fire at someone if they are at long range, or must the target be within the listed normal range?

A: Yes, Op Fire can fire at long range. (consensus) Remember, a unit taking a “Fire and Movement” action may not make a long-range attack.


Q: Can a unit in Op Fire assist in an assault?

A: Yes.


Q: A moving squad/vehicle takes casualties/damage from a normal attack from Op Fire. Does that stop its movement?

A: For a vehicle, yes it will stop its movement and become fatigued (exception - heavy vehicle). For infantry, no, only suppressive fire will stop the infantry’s movement. (See page 19 of the rules)


Q: Can tanks be in Op fire? And how does that works?

A: Yes. There's nothing special with Op Fire for tanks. 


Q: Op Fire end of movement timing. A unit moves one space. The enemy would like to Op Fire but would rather wait until the unit moves an additional space. The unit decides to stop. Does the enemy get an Op Fire opportunity here, or is it too late?

A: Too late. Just use common courtesy and ask your opponent if he wishes to Op Fire as you move from hex to hex. If he says "no" and you stop moving, then he cannot shoot as you have passed step 3 in the Timing Conflicts on page 35.


Q: In the rule book, there is a contradiction about being or not being vulnerable to Op Fire when exiting entrenchments on pages 32 and 46.

A: Page 46 is correct. See the official FAQ for correction.


Q: When an engineer squad places a smoke marker in his starting hex and then moves behind the smoke, does it take Op Fire in his starting hex?

A: No. If an enemy unit spends movement points for a purpose other than moving into a new hex, this does not trigger Op Fire. (page 32)


Q: I have a mixed squad with a mortar crew and two infantry figures in Op Fire mode. Can any squad spot for this mortar crew?

A: Mortars in Op Fire mode cannot fire. See "No Opportunity Fire" on page 39.

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