Q: Is there a limit to how many units can join a “Concentrated Fire” attack?

A: No. As long as a unit is eligible to do so, it may be counted as a supporting unit, but note the limitations; page 29-31 
Q: If I have two units supporting a concentrated attack, will that cost three actions or just one?

A: Only one action (for the activated unit). Supporting does not cost actions, but all the units will be fatigued after the attack. (consensus) 
Q: Can I declare a Concentrated Fire action, then give my active unit 2 movement points (from Critical Objective strategy card), then move it two hexes, then fire?

A: No. Concentrated Fire actions do not allow you to move. The Critical Objective strategy card gives a unit 2 additional movement points; “additional” implies that the action taken by the unit can actually move, such as Advance, Fire and Movement, or Assault. 
Q: If a tank does a fire and movement action and fires on a building, I assume the concussive firepower bonus is added to the firepower score before it is halved?

A: Yes, because all additions/subtractions happen before divisions/multiplications – see top of page 35 of the rulebook under "Calculating Modifiers". 
Q: If you have 2 medic specialized squads in one hex, do you get +2 cover vs. normal attacks, that is, do they stack?

A: No, they don't stack. The rules say "at least 1 medic" and not "for each medic". 
Q: If a mortar crew has used a spotter to fire on a target in the spotter’s LOS and in the next round the spotter is dead but the target is still in the same location, why does the mortar crew still need a spotter? (The mortar crew is not within line of sight).

A: Because the rulebook says so? (Personal opinion: how does the mortar unit know the enemy hasn’t moved out, or if any friendly troops have moved in? ^^ So, a spotter needed)
Q: Can you move into an equipment hex (anti-tank cannon) and fire it at half firepower?

A: No. Equipment units may not perform Fire and Movement actions. (DotF: Rules, page. 5)

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