Q: You can’t activate a machine gun with an assault action, but can it defend when being assaulted?

A: Of course. / You bet'chya! 
Q: If a machinegun crew in op-fire mode is assaulted, and the crew "wins" the assault, is the machinegun crew then fatigued or not?

A: If they were defending and won, then your squad(s) would not be fatigued if they were fresh or in Op Fire mode. If they were defending and lost, then not only would they be force to retreat, but also they would be fatigued if not already fatigued. Note that the attacking squad (or squads) that initiated the assault will always become fatigued at the end of the assault. 
Q: Does a flamethrower get +2 attack dice when being assaulted?

A: No. 
Q: Can you assault concealed units?

A: No. See the official FAQ for when there are a mixture of concealed and revealed units in the hex. 
Q: Is it possible to assault an empty building?

A: No. Page 33, second rule governing assaults: “After the active squad has moved, the active squad may select an adjacent hex containing at least one enemy unit as target of the assault.” 
Q: Does a transported unit count towards the defender’s strength on an assault?

A: They do not participate and do not take losses. However, if the transport vehicle is destroyed, the transported unit/units is/are too! 
Q: Does a defender of an assault get to utilize a medic's cover bonus? Or is it only terrain cover that can be used during an assault?

A: Yes. “Assault attacks are considered normal, rather than suppressive, attacks.” (pg34). Bandage gains you +1 cover against normal attacks (from page 44). 
Q: After making a successful assault, can the assaulting unit(s) occupy any/all entrenchments in the hex advanced into?

A: No, but they can still enter the hex itself. 
Q: Can a defender of an assault add a mortar's firepower to their attack strength?

A: No. “Minimum Distance: A mortar crew cannot attack or support an attack against enemy units in an adjacent hex, nor can a mortar crew contribute firepower during an assault against its own hex.” (page 39)
Q: does the active unit leading an assault have to leave the entrenchment it is in to conduct the assault? Does a supporting unit have to leave its entrenchment?

A: A Squad cannot be in a fortification to participate in an Assault as the active unit nor as a supporting squad. So the active unit has to leave the fortification (and is subject to Op-Fire) during the movement part of the Assault Action. Supporting units have to already be outside of fortifications and adjacent to the hex being assaulted before the assault begins. 
Q: In an assault: We understand that the defender’s attacks get to be determined first according to the rules, but we have a question. If the defender manages to kill the attacking squad using this rule, do successful hits by the attacking squad still go through or are they discounted since the attacking squad has perished?

A: Actually, the attacker’s hits (not attacks) are determined first, then the defender’s hits (not attacks) are determined, but casualties are not allocated until after all damage has been determined on both sides. So, casualties for both sides are inflicted simultaneously, just that allocating losses are performed by but the attacker first, then the defender. Note, that the attacker must remove figures from the active squad first. If this squad gets eliminated, any remaining casualties must be taken from supporting squads, if any. 
Q: Can an engineer squad with assault orders move into a hex with razor wire and assault an adjacent hex in the same turn? Can an engineer squad with assault orders move into a hex with razor wire and remove the wire and assault an adjacent hex in the same turn?

A: Both yes. The game designer himself has stated that engineers have this ability. Tactical note: A squad taking an assault receives one fewer movement point during its activation, and it takes two movement points for an engineer unit to remove razor wire. You will need all three movement points to move into the razor wire (provided it is in clear terrain and in an adjacent hex) and remove it. If you don’t remove the wire, you must half your firepower during the assault since a squad located in a hex that contains a razor wire marker attacks at half firepower.


Q: When a unit assaults from razor wire, does it attack with half firepower or full firepower? 

A: Half firepower. 

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